Some Important Translation Hints for Businesses

Last Updated On: February 20, 2018

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One of the best bits of advice for a business is to choose a professional human translator. You shouldn’t be conned by thinking you can get your tech department to go online and find a free translation tool and get them to translate your website into a multitude of languages just by copying and pasting your website pages into an online translator. This won’t benefit your business at all as your customers will know you have done a rushed job trying to translate the web pages into their language as the text won’t sound quite right and depending on the online tool used it may make little sense.  

Quality content in a website is crucial to attract and keep customers so this is why human translators are so important in order to grow a translation business. A professional human translator is strategically important when there is technical content that needs translating. It’s necessary to ensure a high quality and an accurate translation. It’s not always seen as practicable for large projects which are needed in a hurry as this could require translating millions of words in a short space of time.

The quality of any translation depends on the translator chosen to complete the project.  Not all translators are exactly the same so some thought has to go into choosing the right one for the translation project. Also the translation process may differ too. Some businesses choose a triple pass process which involves a translator to begin with, followed by an editor and the last phase is the proof reader who ensures there are no mistakes. More commonly though, is the double pass process, which is less time consuming but normally turns out a quality product without too much difficulty. To grow a translation business it’s necessary to offer the different types of translation options which means you get the largest share of the cake when being assigned a translation project to complete.


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    There is no perfect answer for businesses who need millions of words translated as a human translator is invariably the best, but the time taken to do the translation may be simply too much. This understandably makes it an attractive option to choose a faster online translator, even if it of questionable quality.

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