Sales and Quick Wins By Translating User Reviews

Last Updated On: March 13, 2018

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Translating User Review

It’s never quite so easy to boost sales for medium-sized businesses as it is for larger ones, especially when it comes to budgeting for a business translation. This is because businesses which employ between 250 and 1000 people have to watch how they spend their money.

If you are the owner of a medium-sized business, you can’t just wait for your competitors to beat you to it when it comes to engaging new customers with your products. You have to look around to see what they are doing and ensure you at least keep up with them.

One way it seems of boosting sales and making quick wins is by translating user reviews. Potential customers before even considering purchasing a product look for the customer reviews page and they like it nothing better when they find the user reviews in their language.


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    Personalization of websites is an up and coming trend in eCommerce and is becoming far more sophisticated than it’s ever been. Nothing beats reading about a service or product that has been recently purchased by a customer and they want to tell everyone what they think. This user review trend is not just confined to wealthier nations but more than 80 percent of China’s shoppers online take the time to review and rate products. At least 45 percent of eCommerce buyers in Germany begin their searches on Amazon and in the United States it’s been estimated that 85 percent of consumers put their trust in online reviews before making a purchasing decision.

    Translating user reviews has many advantages. Initially, it informs customers that you are a global business. Then it indicates that you have put in some extra time to localize your product information by translating user reviews into many different languages. In today’s global online environment, consumers constantly alter their habits once they have read a positive comment about a product. Many just base their buying decision on comments they have read.

    In exactly the same way you are able to use custom constructed plug-ins in order to conduct a business translation of as many product lines as you would like, it’s possible to do the same with user reviews. For a small financial investment, translating user reviews into a variety of different languages has a great impact on potential customers and their buying trends. You won’t get sleepless nights wondering whether it’s a waste of money because you will see gains from your investment far quicker than you could ever imagine.

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