How to Solve some Business Language Problems with MT

Last Updated On: April 24, 2018

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Machine translation (MT) may not be the complete answer to solving business language problems, but used in conjunction with an effective and resourceful translation service it can help to make all those business translation tasks run faster and more smoothly. If your business involves a lot of overseas contact and you find that you get bogged down communicating because of language barriers, then a combination of MT and human centred translation services might be just what you are looking for.

By adding machine translation into the workflow you can boost the productivity of your normal translation team by up to 30%. The use of MT can cut down a lot of the more repetitive and straightforward translation tasks and help to free up the translators for more tricky work. Your translation team can translate more for the same overall cost.

Customer support is an ongoing issue in any business that has an international customer base. Your products must be sold with a commitment to an effective support structure, but you can spend a lot of your budget apportioning staff to respond to issues arising from customer requests – and all those requests being in different languages, too. That’s when an automated response system using MT can help to reduce the overall cost of your customer support service. No machine translation system is going to replace a human voice every time but you can probably cut down the cost of providing a staff member to answer queries by 30% or more with MT.


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Your website is designed to reach an international audience and you are seeking to get as much of it as possible available in the target languages of that market place. You can reduce bounce rates by up to 50% by using MT in significant parts of your web content – such as web reviews.

When your own employees need to communicate with their international counterparts, using an integrated MT system allows them to do just that 100% of the time. Any globalised business involves international collaboration in order to prosper, and the more you enable this collaboration to take place the more business you should be able to do. Using MT as part of this communication across regions has the added advantage of being more secure than just resorting to some free translation site.


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