Ensure a Successful Translation by Providing Appropriate Information to the Translator

Last Updated On: August 22, 2016


Businessman Providing Records

Businessman Providing RecordsAs with any personalized service the client who needs translation services has to co-operate with the translation agency in Australia and before a translator has been assigned check to see what other information may be useful in the course of the translation. There are certain ways the client can help the translator by providing key information about the requirements for the translation.

  • Describe exactly what he or she wants out of the translation.
  • Provide specific words or phrases that should be included in the translated script.
  • The text that needs translating should be provided in a format that can be edited.
  • Provide the style preference.
  • Be specific as to where or to whom the translation will end up.
  • Give an expected deadline for completion of the translation, based on around 2,500 words of good quality translation per day.
  • Tell the translator from the professional translation service who is to be responsible for proofreading the new translation.
  • Provide a glossary of preferred terms.
  • Provide proof to the translator of the purchasing of the translation services including the cost of the translation, how it will be paid for and the terms of payment;
  • Provide your residential address and email address and other necessary contact information.

If you fail to offer clear guidelines to your chosen translator you may not get the translated product that you were really after. There could be flaws in the translation such as the use of language that is too formal or too personal. You may not meet the deadlines for the recipient of the translation if you haven’t given sufficient time for the translator to complete the translation.


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Good communication with your translator is important to ensure the goods are delivered on time and up to your expectations. You should ensure that you can be contacted quickly if the translator needs some more information. Any delays in responding may mean the translator has to halt the progress of the translation and you may not get the final translation on time.

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