Translating Hotel Guest Information is a Modern Necessity

Last Updated On: June 19, 2017

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Translating Guest Information

The global hotel business is now a very competitive industry with tourists flocking to cities and other attractions in worldwide destinations. Not everyone can speak the languages of the countries they visit, so when arriving at a hotel communication can sometimes be difficult. To help integrate into their new language environment there are some key items of information that will help guests adapt quickly. Hotels with large numbers of international guests will find they need to turn to translation services as a necessity if they are going to capture and keep their clientele.


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The Weather Forecast

Most holidaymakers consider the weather to be an important determinant of a great holiday, so providing an easy read professional translation of the weather forecast helps them to make the best use of the coming day and prevents weather groans when a museum visit is planned rather than a hike up a nearby mountain.

Weather Forecast

Check-In Hotel Forms

As soon as a guest arrives at their chosen hotel a check-in form is often thrust into their hands to fill in. Any sensible hotel will ensure the form is available at least in the key languages so that the filling in process is straightforward and stress free.

Check-In Hotel Form

Tourist Information

It is quite natural for a hotel to think only of providing tourist information about the area in the untouched. If you as a hotel want to get your name on the tourist map and get favourable comments on Facebook having your tourist guides professionally translated into the commonly used languages like Spanish will certainly be appreciated by your guests.

Tourist Information

Safety Notices

Generally, international symbols are offered everywhere as the guide to where such things as fire escapes are but there are always sets of instructions regarding emergency procedures pinned up here and there around the hotel. Most of the time, they are written only in that country’s language. This is okay in normal situations but not so good if an emergency situation develops. It would help considerably if any important emergency instructions had versions in other languages

Safety Notice

Menus Posted In Rooms

Many hotels these days do translate their restaurant menus to ease the difficulty patrons may have in selecting a meal but the menus on show in hotel rooms are often overlooked. This means overseas guests will not order meals from their hotel rooms but will go elsewhere, costing the hotel lost revenue. The solution is simple. Good hotels will request that their menus are translated accurately when ordering a package of document translations from the agency they are dealing with.

Hotel Menu

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