How to Create a Multilingual Chatbot

Last Updated On: September 13, 2023

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How to Create a Multilingual Chatbot

A multilingual chatbot is a software application that enables multilingual online chat conversations to take place through the use of text or text-to-speech instead of communicating with a human. Multi-lingual live chat is now a necessary part of most online stores with a worldwide customer base. A multilingual chatbot offers an effective communication solution in the language chosen by the person who wants to chat.

To enable the fulfilling of this requirement for online customers, businesses can choose to either develop a different chatbot for every preferred language or select to use the Google translator. More recently chatbots have been developed even further so that an online business may integrate a chatbot that offers multiple languages which offers a choice for customers.

Why a multilingual bot?

Research has revealed that people prefer to communicate in their native language, especially when it comes to communicating and doing business online. If a business wants to grow in the international market it needs to invest in a multi-language chatbot. 


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    Benefits of using multi-language bots

    Every online store which sells its products or services to a big customer base throughout the world needs to use a multi-lingual bot. This is because it:

    • boosts geographical boundaries;
    • provides a more personalized customer experience; 
    • improves the customer base;
    • improves a business return on investment;
    • provides a solution in a users’ own native language.

    How to build a multilingual bot using a chatbot builder

    There are chatbot builders available which provide a chatbot that automates conversational support usually given by live customer support operators to visitors at a live chat session on Facebook Messenger. To install a multi-lingual bot for Facebook Messenger you first must create a BotMyWork Chatbot Builder account which you integrate into your business page on Facebook. Once this has been done do the following:

    • the whole bot flow with text should be in English;
    • the bot flow is then duplicated for each language;
    • set up a menu; 
    • add a feature that directs users to the right language. This can be done by ensuring the bot can  detect automatically the language the user is using; 
    • adjust your bot’s Welcome Message enabling users to choose their preferred language by clicking a button.

    Why is a multilingual chatbot important for business?

    Firstly, chatbots that are multilingual will help a business improve its customers’ experiences because they can make purchases using their own languages. Even a customer who can speak English well but also has a native language has a choice of what language to use when buying online. Overall surveys have revealed that 75 per cent of online buyers prefer to use their own native language. Secondly, businesses that offer multilingual chatbots stand out from their competitors. Thirdly, creating a multilingual chatbot is far simpler and more cost-effective than employing staff to handle overseas sales in different languages.  

    It’s easy to understand that if your customers are spread throughout the world that they will prefer to engage in financial transactions if they can use their own language. Overall, multilingual chatbots can improve customer retention chatbots for an eCommerce business. 


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