5 Hot Tips in Advertising Translation

Last Updated On: May 21, 2020

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Knowing the culture as well as the language of your intended customers is an important key to making sure advertising translation hits the mark. If your business has an international market, use these hot advertising translation tips for effective advertising translation to make sure your advertising copy, as well as press releases, reach who you want them to reach.

1) Be Prepared to Innovate When Advertising Internationally

If you think that your advertising style has worked well for you in your base language, be prepared to adapt or change that tried and tested style when you are trying to have an impact in an international market.


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    What has worked well so far may not hit the mark in another language or another culture. Your aim is to sell more of your products – not just make your advertising translation a carbon copy of the original.

    Innovation means marketing your brand consistently but in a way that appeals to your target customer base. Advertising translation services you use are at their best when they have an intimate knowledge of who you are selling to.

    2) Extend Your Advertising Menu

    Advertising translation can help get your product’s message across in more ways than one. Don’t just restrict your advertising to traditional methods like print and press releases.

    Blogging and web advertising are stock in trade ways to market your products just about everywhere these days. All it takes is to keep an open mind and try and extend the way you advertise using advertising translation services to the full.

    Don’t forget using social media like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to showcasing your products. Most social media platforms are international in character and are fine ways to reach a market that doesn’t bother with printed material.

    3) Who are You Really Aiming at?

    Getting the language and culture right depends on knowing exactly who you intend targeting your products. Are your intended customers young, old, male, female, sporty?
    Advertising translation services can only get the message right when you know what the message has to be in order to reach who you think your products will appeal to.

    4) Keep Your Focus on Location

    Getting your message across is all about understanding the market where your customers live. Your market-style needs to use localisation techniques at their heart. That may mean making many small changes, even when the language seems to be the same.

    Most potential customers feel comfortable when they understand the language they are used to. This means making your impact as a foreign supplier of goods or services so localized that your customers won’t know the difference. That even includes things like expressions, units of measurement and date formats.

    5) Marketing is Not Just About Text

    The focus on adapting your marketing to a localised audience is not just restricted to the text on a website, in a magazine or billboard or on a TV advert. There are graphics, pictures, cartoons, photos and video extracts to consider as well as the way they are laid out or presented.

    Good advertising translation will consider the whole package when it comes to translating what you want to get across. All these extras that surround and often lead the message itself have to be embedded in your target culture and language just as much as the text.

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