Do you market your products overseas?

onJune 27, 2014

inWebsite Translation Services

Marketing Translation ServiceDo you market your products overseas? Are your products advertised in the language spoken in the countries and regions where you are selling them? Do you own, manage or have marketing responsibilities for a company that intends expanding its sales to parts of the world where English is not spoken as a first language?

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Are Legal Documents an Important Part of your International Business?

onJune 20, 2014

inWebsite Translation Services

Any business that has key dealings with partners overseas or with potential customers is likely at some stage to need to understand or provide legal documents. When you have to provide these documents for use overseas, you will probably need a good legal translation service. Most of this document translation is used to comply with the law in that country ... View More

Double the Number of Website Users by Using a Website Translation

onJune 16, 2014

inWebsite Translation Services

One of the most crucial features of a website which aims to satisfy, inform or attract an international audience is to provide an opportunity for those browsers or users of the website to read important information in their own language. There are many free website translation services on the Internet which do provide a way to translate text from English into other languages, but often ... View More

Getting Close To Nature

onJune 6, 2014

inTranslation Services

It’s hardly a surprise that a country with Australia’s climate has a lot of outdoor swimming pools, which are very popular, particularly in the heat of an Australian summer. Mostly their used by human swimmers but occasionally they can be shared with other water-loving creatures. Recently some Australian pranksters put baby crocodiles into a Queensland swimming pool.

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Gollum Just Needed Sunshine And Vitamins

onDecember 15, 2013

inTranslation Services

Gollum Just Needed Sunshine And VitaminsWhile Tolkien’s novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were both filmed in New Zealand, they are popular all over the world and have inspired people from all walks of life. Recently the Australian Medical Journal published a study which suggested that the villains of the pieces were suffering from a lack of sunlight and vitamins. The study ... View More

What’s to Like about Australia?

onDecember 13, 2013


Like most countries, Australia has a tourist office, whose job it is to publicize what a great place it is to visit. One of their most popular features is their photo collection, much of which has been contributed by amateur photographers. Showing how proud Australians are of their country, about a fifth of the board’s Facebook followers are actually Australians who submit pictures of their area and act as local experts, answering questions from ... View More

Watch the Birdie – Australian Style

onDecember 3, 2013


Australia is a great place for photographers, particularly wildlife photographers. People who are keen on getting top-quality pictures of birds and animals going about their business can become very creative about how they go about getting them. Some photographers have started using hidden cameras or mobile ones fixed to remote-control vehicles of all descriptions.

Recently, however, rangers in Western Australia inadvertently captured the country from a whole new perspective – that of a flying ... View More

The flying doctor from Galifrey

onNovember 26, 2013


Australia’s flying doctors are known worldwide, but none of them have quite the same level of celebrity as the famous Dr Who, who was recently claimed as an “Australian institution”. The classic theme tune was originally composed by Australian Ron Grainer and going by the evidence of the 50th anniversary simulcast, he has no shortage of admirers down under. One of them is Australian MP George Christensen who moved ... View More

Scaling Sydney’s Opera House

onNovember 17, 2013


While attempts to scale Sydney’s famous harbour bridge may be more noticeable, the work of a Scottish team may help to preserve Australia’s heritage for generations to come. Even though the opera house is a relatively new addition to Sydney’s skyline (building started in 1958 and it was officially opened in 1973), it’s now hard to imagine the city without it. To ensure that the residents of Sydney (and its many visitors) never have ... View More

Australia – Naturally Full of Surprises

onNovember 10, 2013


In a country renowned for its unique wildlife, it takes something special to get people excited, but the recent discovery of an ancient tooth has done exactly that. The reason for this is that it points to the existence of a creature nicknames “Platypus-zilla”. More formally named Obdurodon tharalkooschild, it is literally a giant ancestor of today’s cute platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus). For giant read over a metre long. Scientists make decisions on how types ... View More