Is There any Difference Between the Terms ‘Translation’ and ‘Localisation’?

onJanuary 9, 2015


9th January 2015

Translation and Localisation’The pace of globalisation shows no sign of slowing, and the need for marketing products and services in the language of a new overseas market is growing with this trend. Many companies are becoming aware of making sure that they remain understood when they start to expand into overseas markets. Two terms that are often used, sometimes interchangeably, when preparing a product for sale ... View More

5 Hot Tips in Advertising Translation

onJanuary 6, 2015

inTranslation Tips

Advertising TranslationKnowing the culture as well as the language of your intended customers is an important key to making sure advertising translation hits the mark. If your business has an international market, use these hot advertising translation tips for effective advertising translation to make sure your advertising copy as well as press releases reach who you want them to reach.

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Medical Translation Services Just Have to be Good

onDecember 24, 2014

inTranslation Trends

24th December 2014

Medical translationIn the medical industry there are many reasons why medical translation services are required and they have to be accurate or there can be dangerous complications.

This need for accurate translation can vary from simple instructions for using medicines, drugs or other pharmaceuticals, to instructions for using medical devices and instruments, textbooks on diagnosis and treatment, software that is specifically designed to operate surgical ... View More

Why e-Learning just grows and grows whatever the language it’s in

onNovember 2, 2014

inTranslation Trends

e-learningEveryone knows that the Internet is not dominated by English alone even though you may think so especially if it’s your language. Every country around the world has access to the Internet and many have translated web pages into their own unique language. When it comes to a local business in Japan, for example, in order to sell the product the website has to ... View More

The Languages of Social Media and why social media translation rocks

onNovember 1, 2014

inTranslation Trends

Translation & Social MediaSocial media sites are today’s communication without the need for verbal expression. Snippets of information about anything and everything are passed between users ranging from the birth of a new child to the purchasing of a product. Inadvertently, social media users are advertising machines for products or services that have been purchased and are either great or terrible. Whatever information is posted can ... View More

How to Solve some Business Language Problems with MT

onOctober 21, 2014

inTranslation Skills

Machine Translation
21st October 2014

Machine translation (MT) may not be the complete answer to solving business language problems, but used in conjunction with an effective and resourceful translation service it can help to make all those business translation tasks run faster and more smoothly. If your business involves a lot of overseas contact and you find that you get bogged down communicating because of language barriers, then a combination of MT and human centred translation ... View More

Why Translation is Important to Africa

legal translationsBetter access to effective document translation or legal translations across Africa could save lives and improve the welfare and well-being of millions of people in that continent according to a new study that has been done by Common Sense Advisory who has completed the study for an organization called Translators without Borders.

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Why we should all learn a second language

onOctober 12, 2014

inTranslation Skills

NAATI translatorMost people would agree that being able to speak a second or third language is a valuable asset. For many people in the world, this is something that is acquired quite naturally. Visit any of the Scandinavian countries for instance and you will find that most native speakers of Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian also speak at least English and probably German as well.

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Speed and Accuracy Must go Hand in Hand with Legal and Business Document Translation

onAugust 31, 2014

inTranslation Tips

Legal and Business DocumentSpeed and Accuracy Must go Hand in Hand with Legal and Business Document Translation

When business, and particularly legal documents, must be translated there is almost always a need for timely delivery. Businesses as well as many individuals work to a schedule. Delayed manuscripts and document handling may mean a contract lost. If documents are required in court, then the ... View More

Confidentiality is the Name of the Game with Legal Document Translation

onAugust 29, 2014

inGeneral, Translation Tips

Confidentiality is the Name of the Game with Legal Document TranslationLegal document translation is a specialist process best left to qualified and experienced translators who have the requisite in depth knowledge of both the language or languages that need to be translated but also the specific terminology used in many legal documents. There is no room for getting the legal translation of documents wrong as the wrong ... View More