The Need For Accurate Real Estate Translation

Last Updated On: March 16, 2018

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Real Estate Translation

There was a time when real estate agents had to do a lot more work than they do today, especially getting the message across about properties they are responsible for selling. That all changed as the influence of the Internet spread worldwide and the growth in Internet listings that sell just about anything including real estate.

It’s not that real estate agents don’t have to spend time any more showing prospective buyers brick and mortar properties, but those very same buyers can use the Internet to narrow down their search before they sally forth and go hunting for a new home or business premises.

Real Estate is No Longer Restricted to a Single Marketplace

The Internet also means that a whole new market has emerged. Americans can go looking for an ideal apartment in Costa Rica, Mexico or Thailand; Australians can look for a house in Bali or Greece. Of course, one aspect of internet based real estate marketing is important: it’s the need to use a professional translation agency to translate the listings and all relevant information, video clips and anything else relevant into the major languages thought to be used by prospective buyers.


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    The translation industry, especially translators who have some experience in real estate have coincidentally given international real estate marketing quite a bit of a leg up. Without translators, real estate sites and all information relating to the sale of properties would be restricted to a much smaller market.

    The Need for Professional Translators With One Foot in the Real Estate Sector

    Real estate translation is not restricted to marketing desirable properties worldwide. Once a deal has been clinched the same translation agency may be retained to translate important documents pertaining to the transfer of ownership from the original owner to the new buyer. This means that the best real estate translators should have one foot already in the real estate industry or at least some knowledge of the legal transactions that follow or accompany a sale.
    The real estate industry is often a fast changing environment and sales messages may be amended every week. This means that the real estate company really needs to cultivate a long term relationship with a particular translator or professional translation agency rather than hop from one translator to the next every time there is a new property that needs to be advertised.

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