Do You Need Some Tips for Effective Proofreading?

onMay 26, 2015

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Proofreading Tips
26th May 2015

Proofreading TipsThe first question one may ask and that is, why do you need to proofread written material? There is one easy answer to that and it is because you don’t want your translation to be misunderstood. That’s the first answer but added to this is that you don’t want readers to think you are careless or illiterate. Most of you are perfectionists ... View More

The Web Just Doesn’t Seem to Have a Really Accurate Translation Tool – Yet!

onMay 19, 2015

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Accurate Transaltion
19th May 2015

The World Wide Web is an international tool found in just about every corner of the Earth. It unites family and friends who may be forced to live apart through its social networking sites. It holds forums on just about every discussable topic. It provides the latest news and sports. It offers a marketplace for the buying and selling of goods and services. It offers space for dedicated websites to inform and educate ... View More

What’s so Great About Being an Expert Translator?

ExpertWhen you are told you are an expert translator it probably means that you know more than you need to know to perform a perfect translation in your pair of languages. Any mistakes that you could make you have already made and learned from. You know exactly what word is appropriate in just about any type of translation that belongs to your specialist field. ... View More

Why You Never Need to be “Lost in Translation”

onMay 14, 2015


Lost in Translation
14th May 2015

Lost in TranslationTranslation services have been around for a very long time, especially when it comes to the movement of employees from one country to another where there is no common language present. Qualifications and work experience need to be translated, so that no misunderstandings take place in relation to the qualifications and potential of an employee who has been recruited from overseas. ... View More

Potential Pitfalls When Looking for a Translation Service

onMay 4, 2015


Potential Pitfalls
4th May 2015

Potential Pitfalls

If you, or your business or organisation are looking around for a translation service for the first time then be aware that there may be a number of common pitfalls that should be avoided in the process. When communicating in a different language becomes important, you don’t want to miss contracts or deadlines because the translators were unable to understand ... View More

Why Formatting Needs to be Adapted During Website Translation

onApril 30, 2015


Website TranslationMany businesses and organisations use a translation agency to handle their website translation work for them. Translating a website is a lot more than just translating text as spacing issues are very important. A chunk of text could be translated perfectly satisfactorily by a translation services provider, but because of natural differences in the length of the source and ... View More

How to Make Sure Your Legal Document Translations are Accurate

onApril 29, 2015

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Legal Translation
29th April 2015

Legal Document TranslationLegal documents often need to be translated. They may be needed for immigration purposes, business dealings overseas, property acquisitions and much more. Legal documents have to be translated accurately if they are to be of any use, so it is best to use a professional translation services provider rather than an amateur translator or a free translation ... View More

Technical Translators are in Demand

onApril 28, 2015

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Technical Translation
28th April 2015

Technical TranslationTechnical translation services are needed more than ever before in a world that is becoming more interconnected than it has done at any time in history. Technical translators are in demand because of their ability to translate highly specialised documents and other forms of information. The range of technical documents translated by a professional translation agency in Australia or elsewhere is ... View More

Translation is all About Good Communication

onApril 27, 2015

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Good Communication
27th April 2015

Good Communication

There is nothing worse than poor communication, except no communication at all! Translation is, of course, all about ensuring that communication can exist between people who speak and use languages that are different and ordinarily would not be able to understand each other. In other words, translators ensure that people can understand each other across language barriers. These days, in a ... View More

Watch out When Translating Marketing Materials!

onApril 23, 2015

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Translating MarketingThe possibility of errors in marketing translation is probably greater than any other type of translation services. This may be because the diversity of people with access to this type of material is greater than any other type of translation. For instance, legal document translation services are provided for individuals, businesses or government agencies to communicate specific information with their ... View More