Technical Translators are in Demand

onApril 28, 2015

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Technical Translation
28th April 2015

Technical TranslationTechnical translation services are needed more than ever before in a world that is becoming more interconnected than it has done at any time in history. Technical translators are in demand because of their ability to translate highly specialised documents and other forms of information. The range of technical documents translated by a professional translation agency in Australia or elsewhere is ... View More

Translation is all About Good Communication

onApril 27, 2015

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Good Communication
27th April 2015

Good Communication

There is nothing worse than poor communication, except no communication at all! Translation is, of course, all about ensuring that communication can exist between people who speak and use languages that are different and ordinarily would not be able to understand each other. In other words, translators ensure that people can understand each other across language barriers. These days, in a ... View More

Watch out When Translating Marketing Materials!

onApril 23, 2015

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Translating MarketingThe possibility of errors in marketing translation is probably greater than any other type of translation services. This may be because the diversity of people with access to this type of material is greater than any other type of translation. For instance, legal document translation services are provided for individuals, businesses or government agencies to communicate specific information with their ... View More

There is More to Technical Translation than You Think

onApril 22, 2015


Technical Translation
22nd April 2015

Technical TranslationTechnical translators are generally regarded as providing professional translation services for specific purposes such as medical documents and handbooks, scientific material, legal documents, manuals and user information for appliances or equipment of all types. However the nature of translation services in Australia, as in the rest of the modern world, is changing. Technical translators are adapting to an increasingly globalised and ... View More

Is Translation Automation a Good Thing?

onApril 14, 2015


Translation Automation
14th April 2015

Translation Automation Translation automation is constantly discussed these days – especially, of course, by those in the translation industry who are always on the lookout for anything that can speed up their work, improve its accuracy or improve consistency without compromising the final quality. But is translation automation really such a good thing and are there limitations on its use?

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What Is the Difference between Translation Post-editing and Translation Proofreading?

onApril 9, 2015


Post-editing has become an accepted part of the translator’s vocabulary quite recently, while proofreading as a skill has been around for much longer. At first sight, the two terms appear to be the same process – just a different way of describing the same thing. But, they’re not quite the same, although both processes do share one thing in common – they happen at the end of a translated piece of work and ... View More

5 Terrible Ways to Translate a Document the Proofreader has to Correct

onApril 6, 2015

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proofreading your documents
6th April 2015

proofreading your documentsClients are not always best placed to spot errors in translation. They rely on the professional translator to do a good job and don’t expect they have to proofread what has been translated. After all, if they could translate the document, manual or website themselves then they wouldn’t need a translation services provider! It is usually down to the proofreader to ... View More

Five Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy as a Translator

onApril 2, 2015


Happy ClientsThere is a lot of difference between fulfilling a translation contract or completing a translation project for a client and making them a happy client. When a client is really satisfied with the sort of translation services you provide they will not only send you more work but recommend you to others. Word of mouth satisfaction based communication can be worth more than any ... View More

Translation Tests – To Do or Not To Do?

onMarch 31, 2015


Translation Test
31st March 2015

Translation TestAccording to those who have taken translation tests as a way of assessing their ability to translate well in their chosen language, they have found the drawbacks of such tests far outweigh the benefits when it comes to securing a job in translation that matches their language skills in two languages.

The drawbacks of doing a translation test are outlined below.

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Ensure a Successful Translation by Providing Appropriate Information to the Translator

onMarch 25, 2015


Businessman Providing Records
25th March 2015

Businessman Providing RecordsAs with any personalized service the client who needs translation services has to co-operate with the translation agency in Australia and before a translator has been assigned check to see what other information may be useful in the course of the translation. There are certain ways the client can help the translator by providing key information about the requirements for the translation.

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