Finding a Proofreader for Your Blog or Translated Document

onJuly 27, 2015


27th July 2015

proofreading_BWEven the very best writers make simple mistakes such as typos and grammar errors. If you have a regular blog which is published to a large online market, it is imperative that you have proofread your material thoroughly first. It is even more important that you proofread your work if you are involved in any sort of document translation services as there are two ... View More

Medical Report Translations can be a Challenge

onJuly 23, 2015

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Medical Document Translation
23rd July 2015

Medical Document TranslationMost translations of medical reports can be a challenge, especially if the report comes in the form of a scanned PDF or even an image file – which is often the case.

There is a process that should be followed before the medical document translation should begin. This is particularly important for medical reports because they ... View More

Why Customers Shun Hotels with Badly Translated Notices

onJuly 14, 2015


really-bad-translationIf you are a hotel owner or manager or are intimately involved in the accommodation business for tourists and visitors, sometime or another you will be presented with the problem of letting your guests know something about the place they are staying or intend staying in. That’s fine when all those guests speak the same language as you, but increasingly that cosy situation is changing. ... View More

Are You Sure You Proofread Your Own Work Effectively?

onJuly 13, 2015

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13th July 2015


If you make a living from business document translation, then you will be well aware that proofreading your translated documents before releasing them to a client is so essential. It’s not just little mistakes like typos and spelling that show you up as a sloppy translator but the whole feel of the document you have just translated. You don’t need to use ... View More

Language Learning is not as Difficult as You Think!

onJuly 6, 2015

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Language LearningLook around the world and you will find people who seem to pick up languages really easily and there are those who don’t. There are big differences between the citizens of some nations who are multilingual and those who seem to find it “difficult” to learn any language at all, except their own of course!

Take the Scandinavian countries and the ... View More

How Translation Can Give Rise to Abbreviation Confusion

onJuly 2, 2015


Abbreviation ConfusionMuch in the news over the last year or so is the violent jihadist group known variously by the abbreviations ISIS and ISIL. The fact that there are two main abbreviations for the group can be very confusing, not just for the average man or woman in the street, but for politicians and commentators too, who may even think there are two ... View More

How You Should Ensure You Get the Medical Translation Service You Really Want

onJune 30, 2015

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30th June 2015

Medical TranslationFew people would disagree that medical documents must be translated absolutely accurately, whether they are instructions for the use of medical equipment, prescriptions for drugs and medicine or when patients whose first language is other than English attend a medical institution. Getting the translation wrong could mean serious health problems and could also be considered medical malpractice if it is knowingly allowed ... View More

How Should Translators Market Their Skills?

onJune 16, 2015


Marketing Skills
16th June 2015

Marketing Skills

The biggest step towards being a paid translator for any translation services in Australia is getting a language degree. From this, more proficiency in language translation occurs while using CAT a computer assisted programme that stores commonly used words and phrases which enables the translator to showcase his or her proficiency by always using the correct terms.

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Medical Device Translation has to be Done With Care

onJune 9, 2015


Medical Device Translation
9th June 2015

Medical Device Translation Medical devices that are marketed overseas need to have vital information concerning the medical device translated into the languages of the country that the device is to be sold. This means instructions concerning usage including risks and warnings associated with the product.  There are certain things you should not do when it comes to translating medical device information as ... View More

Common Legal Documents that Often Need Translating

onJune 5, 2015


legal document
5th June 2015

Providing a reliable and accurate translation of any legal documents cannot be underestimated as any poorly translated document could mean lack of understanding which in the long run could result in money or property loss. Using a reliable and proven translation services means you will get the best translation where meaning is clear. There are several important legal documents that often need translating which include the following.


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