10 Facts About British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters

Facts About British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters
1st May 2018

One of the facts in sign language use, as stated by the World Federation of the Deaf, is the estimate that about 70 million people use sign language in some form or another to help with communication around the world. In Britain, British Sign Language (BSL) is used by 87,000 people whose English ability is ranked as either a second or third language. Overall, one of the other facts about BSL is that approximately 151,000 ... View More

Medical Translation Services to Ensure Patients Understand Need Professional Translators

onApril 23, 2018

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professional medical translation
23rd April 2018

It can’t be overstated that these days with the global movement of people to countries where the immigrants’ mother tongue is not spoken that inevitably health services are going to encounter people who don’t speak their language. If they do, it’s usually very limited and doesn’t extent to understanding medical terminology. That’s why professional medical translations are so important.

Some medical facilities when confronted with trying to explain a medical procedure or ... View More

How to Improve PowerPoint Translation in 4 Easy Steps

onApril 10, 2018

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Powerpoint translation
10th April 2018

PowerPoint files are generally used for presentations and training. The translation of a PowerPoint presentation helps to eliminate language barriers between the presentation, the presenter, and his or her attendees. PowerPoint translations are more powerful if they are translated to match the projected audience.
Points to consider before starting to prepare PowerPoint presentations

1. Know your targeted audience

This is crucial for getting the language right in your presentation and the speed of ... View More

Get Your Technical SEO Spot On With Translated Content

onMarch 29, 2018

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Spot on SEO with proper translation
29th March 2018

It’s all very well getting your business’s marketing requirements translated into your targeted languages, but you need to get your seo website right too in order to have any effect.
There are some basic facts concerning an SEO content management system which should be considered to get the most out of your translated text.

  • Make sure your content is geo-targeted

If your company has a different product or prices that are listed in a ... View More

Small Translation Errors Can Result In Big Problems

onMarch 19, 2018

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Small Translation Errors
19th March 2018

There are many instances when just small translation mistakes that have occurred have proved to be very expensive. There are four of these examples explained below.

The 71 Million Dollar Word

18 year old Willie Ramirez was admitted unconscious into a Florida hospital. His friends and family had a go at explaining what they thought had caused the problem to the physician present in the medical facility. The problem was they couldn’t speak ... View More

How to Boost Your App Take Up by Effective Localization

onFebruary 19, 2018

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app localization
19th February 2018

Apps are transforming the world of communication. What was once the domain of the laptop has now become the domain of the iPad or Android tablet or smartphone. Apps are being developed every day, but not all of them succeed. The most profitable apps are those that break international boundaries and become used worldwide, but for that they must be localized effectively.

What is app localization?

App localization involves more than just translating ... View More

Technical Translation Services for the engineering and manufacturing sector

onFebruary 7, 2018

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Technical Translation
7th February 2018

There are many aspects of manufacturing that may require manufacturing translation services. These could be in any of the following manufacturing fields:

● heavy machinery & construction equipment;
● engineering:
● agricultural:
● automotive.

Manufacturing translation services, whether they are engineering translation services that are required or not, all these sorts of translations are highly technical and require the expertise of a technical translator to undertake the translations. The manufacturing sector demands a high ... View More

Could You Profit From Professional Business Translations?

onJanuary 22, 2018

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Professional business translation
22nd January 2018

There are many types of businesses that could benefit from a relationship with a professional business translator or translation agency. Depending on exactly how much international communication and business is done, there are now an increasing number of businesses that absolutely depend on the skills of a professional translator. The days when a business might expect to blithely use English as a means of promoting itself outside of its base country have ... View More

Documents That Need to be Translated to Attend the Australian Open 2018

onJanuary 15, 2018

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Visa Translation for Australian Open 2018
15th January 2018

Since 1905, Australia has been hosting a major world tennis series called the Australian Open. lt takes place every year in the last 2 weeks of January in the city of Melbourne. The event has world significance because the tournament comes first in the year of the 4 Grand Slam tennis tournaments. The remaining three in order of occurrence are the French Open, Wimbledon (in the U.K.) and the U.S. Open.

There ... View More

Some Important Translation Hints for Businesses

onJanuary 10, 2018

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Business Translation hints
10th January 2018

One of the best bits of advice for a business is to choose a professional human translator. You shouldn’t be conned by thinking you can get your tech department to go online and find a free translation tool and get them to translate your website into a multitude of languages just by copying and pasting your website pages into an online translator. This won’t benefit your business ... View More