More Hospitals Turn to Video Translation Services

onDecember 31, 2015


Hospitals - Video Translation Services

The U.S. has never been particularly known as a nation of just English speakers, especially with the large Spanish speaking migrant community, but hospitals are only now opening up multilingual options to help patients’ understanding. Some are now including video translation services to help patients who have little or no grasp ... View More

What to Look For in a Competent Technical Translator

onDecember 24, 2015


Technical Translator
If your company is looking for a competent technical translator to translate your technical documents or manuals, the choice can be daunting. Do you choose an independent freelance translator or a larger agency that has several translators working for it? Do you prioritise the language ability or the technical expertise in the area you are dealing with? Is a ... View More

The Need for Professional Translation Services Just Keeps Growing

Professional Translation Services Keeps Growing
There is no stopping the trend for businesses, both small and large, to expand their operations outside their national boundaries. This may be because they have shifted their manufacturing base elsewhere, or they are selling their products in more than one country. In addition to the search for international markets, many companies find ... View More

How Marketing Translation Services can Help Grow Globally Minded Business

onDecember 21, 2015

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Globally Minded Business
There comes a point with many businesses when expanding into a new market requires a paradigm shift in thinking. For years, businesses have been oblivious to the slow, yet inexorable shift in cultural and linguistic composition of many, if not most of the world’s most affluent nations. Immigration, whether legal or illegal, for economic, political or sheer ... View More

Advantages of Having a Translation Tool on your Blog or Website

Advantages of Having a Translation ToolYou might be surprised to know exactly how widespread the Internet is these days with almost 2.5 billion having access to the World Wide Web. People often think that the only language used on the internet is English but this is not true as English is only spoken by around 540 million. This ... View More

How the Challenge of Technical Translation is Being Met

onNovember 25, 2015

inTranslation Tips

Challenge of Technical TranslationThe demand for technical translation is continually growing, in part because of the trend towards global expansion of many businesses and the corresponding greater communication between nation states. There are many young people who are trying to establish themselves as technical translators and often the choice of document translation services can be dizzying.

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Themes and Rhemes in Translation: What are They all About?

onNovember 17, 2015

inTranslation Tips

TranslationTranslation service providers, especially those that specialise in legal document translation services or wherever terminology and vocabulary are highly specific are often confronted with more challenges than the run of the mill translator that deals with simple everyday business document translation or the translation of certificates.

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Freelance Translators Have to Think About Their Own Market Research

onNovember 5, 2015

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Market Research

It is not uncommon to find the newbie freelance translator who hasn’t fully appreciated that they are a business and need to think quite clearly about their market – who they intend to provide translation work for – if their business is to succeed.

What most translators have in abundance is enthusiasm for their work and a willingness to ... View More

Is it Crucial to Translate Legal Documents?

onOctober 28, 2015

inTranslation Tips

Translate Legal DocumentsThe simple answer to this question is that it is absolutely crucial to translate any legal documents that you need to send to colleagues or clients elsewhere, assuming of course that the recipients are not native English speakers.

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Marketing Translation Mistakes are so Easy to Make

onOctober 23, 2015


Marketing Translation Mistakes
23rd October 2015

Marketing Translation Mistakes

How many times have you been on holiday overseas and chuckled at a notice or advert in a hotel, restaurant or bar that has been translated into English badly? Funny mistakes that turn a simple message into gobbledegook or something much more hilarious are commonplace when translating messages into English, simply because ... View More