Freelance Translators Have to Think About Their Own Market Research

onNovember 5, 2015

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Market Research

It is not uncommon to find the newbie freelance translator who hasn’t fully appreciated that they are a business and need to think quite clearly about their market – who they intend to provide translation work for – if their business is to succeed.

What most translators have in abundance is enthusiasm for their work and a willingness to ... View More

Is it Crucial to Translate Legal Documents?

onOctober 28, 2015

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Translate Legal DocumentsThe simple answer to this question is that it is absolutely crucial to translate any legal documents that you need to send to colleagues or clients elsewhere, assuming of course that the recipients are not native English speakers.

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Marketing Translation Mistakes are so Easy to Make

onOctober 23, 2015


Marketing Translation Mistakes

How many times have you been on holiday overseas and chuckled at a notice or advert in a hotel, restaurant or bar that has been translated into English badly? Funny mistakes that turn a simple message into gobbledegook or something much more hilarious are commonplace when translating messages into English, simply because ... View More

Marketing Translation Mistakes that Should Never Have Happened

onOctober 15, 2015

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Marketing Translation Mistakes

It’s quite amazing how easy it is to make a translation mistake so that a text is actually mistranslated.  This could be due to the proofreading services used or just simply a failure of the translator when researching language equivalence.

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7 Mistakes Inexperienced Translators Sometimes Make

onOctober 6, 2015

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Mistakes1. Choosing too many languages

Some translators new to the translation business think they are competent enough in many languages and try to market their ability in those languages. This can lose the translator his or her credibility if he or she does not manage to offer the same standard of translation in each language. It’s better not to bite off more than you can chew. ... View More

You Need to Find a Proofreader if You Don’t Have One

onSeptember 23, 2015


Find a proof readerNo one writer ever produces a perfect text first time round. It might not be spelling, word choice or grammar construction that’s wrong but common mistakes often go back to the dreaded typo that even the best typist can’t avoid. Whether it’s for a blog post, a cover letter for a job vacancy or you are a translator with website translation ... View More

Proofreading can Help Boost Your Sales

onSeptember 17, 2015


Proofreading can Help Boost Your SalesDo you ever consider the effects of bad proofreading on your business? It may be marketing material, pages on your company website, correspondence and emails that your staff may send or documents that you need to complete. Whatever it is can have a marked effect on the way your business is perceived by your customers and business associates. If ... View More

3 Ways Audio Translation Could Benefit Your Business

onSeptember 15, 2015


Audio TranslationThese days the majority of businesses use videos on their websites with a live presenter who provides information about the product. This is a great motivator for marketing and selling products because the potential customer can get the feel of the product. It should be remembered though that if you are globalising your business and you are getting your website translated into other ... View More

Overcoming the Challenges of Technical Translation

onSeptember 9, 2015

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Challenges of Technical TranslationIt has been estimated that over 90% of translation work involves the translation of technical documents. Much of this is needed whenever a company introduces a new product which is destined for the global market. Technical translation is not just a matter of translating instruction manuals and information central to the maintenance and use of the product but may also mean providing ... View More

What Results in a Reliable Medical Device Translation?

onSeptember 1, 2015


Medical Device TranslationIt cannot be stressed more than anything else how important it is to have medical device user information translated accurately into the languages of those countries where the device is to be marketed. It is of primary importance that linguists or translators working with you to provide accurate medical translation services have particular skills so that a perfect understanding of ... View More