How to Become Fluent In a Language In Just a Few Years

Last Updated On: August 21, 2018

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In order to learn another language quickly, you do have to spend many hours reading and practising what you have learnt. There is no hard and fast way to fluency but there are some methods you can use in order to use the fastest way to learn a language. Gabriel Wyner, an opera singer become fluent in 4 languages which are German, Italian, Russian and French in just a few short years. These are some of the methods he used.

1. Recall as a means of remembering new words is one suggestion to learn a language fast. To do this you read a list once containing forty words and then practice recalling them several times until you can remember them.

2. Before you start to build up your vocabulary, there is one method you can use to ensure you learn more words and how to learn a language fast and that’s called ‘minimal pair testing’.”Minimal pairs” are those words that just differ by one single sound. If you start to practice minimal pair testing when you begin to learn a new language, the words will be far easier to remember. First, you will need to make up a complete list of word pairs and then record each word being spoken by a native speaker.


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    You can break down the recordings into individualised sound files, containing one word for each file. For example, if you are a native English speaker who is trying to learn a new language like French, you could use the two words “rue” (street) and “roux” (red). Just practice listening and speaking until you get the pronunciation just right. This is one way to how to learn a language fast. You can test yourself on how well you are able to detect the different sounds between the minimal pairs by uploading the sound files like you may do with flashcards.

    3. Try using “a Spaced Repetition System (SRS)

    This is one of the language learning programs that allow you to learn a new language. It tests your knowledge of your new language so for example if you are able to remember two months after first learning the word “Trabajo” which means in Spanish “work,” the SRS will won’t ask you about that word again for at least four to six months. However, if the SRS detects you are having problems remembering the word “computadora,” meaning “computer” for at least two weeks, you will be reminded about it more often until you finally remember it.

    As this is the fastest way to learn a language you can create your personal SRS or get one online version called the “Leitner Box.” This is when you move index cards to other parts of the box. This will depend on whether you can remember them after a particular period of time. The SRS language learning programs should help to ensure the fastest way to learn a language as it’s so efficient. You won’t waste any time reviewing words that you can already remember. In order to learn another language, you want to be able to master the trickier words as well as the easier ones.

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