Why You Should Place An Investment In Mobile App Translations And Localization

Last Updated On: June 26, 2018

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Advantages of App Translation

Today going mobile is global and apps are created to help with globalisation and localisation so what are the main advantages of an investment in mobile app translations for app localization?

  • Increase in customer base.
  • Faster entry into new markets.
  • Better levels of engagement and therefore user experience.
  • A site going viral is when a video, image or piece of information is circulated quickly and widely from a single Internet user to another to the extent that it’s considered to be viral.
  • Greater diversity of customers

Mobile Is Now Global

The chances are that most of your likely users won’t speak your language but GSMA Intelligence has already identified that there are at least 4.8 billion unique mobile users throughout the world. More than 50 percent of users can be found in Asia and Pacific and globally only 15 percent of users speak English as their 1st or 2nd language. This shows how important investment in mobile app translations for app localization.

While pursuing audiences more and more apps are now considering that localization is their main growth tactic. The mobile economy is at this point in time experiencing a period of boom with more than 342k apps being downloaded from stores every 60 seconds. This is a good reason to delay no longer and get your app translated and localized. In a globalised world, mobile app localization is a crucial strategy


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    What are the key advantages of app localization?

    1. Greater customer base Having access to a growing customer base is of great value to any business and with the right localization, mobile apps aren’t affected so much by cultural barriers and have a greater opportunity for educating and evoking interest in possible new users.
    2. Getting your app translated and localized takes into consideration the market conditions of a specific country and offers the service or content that has been adapted to market need.

    Despite the fact your business may not have adequate resources to offer fully localized content at the moment, it’s still the right move to localize the details of your product page 1st which includes your app’s name, its description, videos and screenshots. By taking this step you will be able to test any demand potential before investing anymore money and time into full localization. There are more and more experienced app localization services available online that can help with your app localization.

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