Why Stories Are a Better Way to Learn a Language

Last Updated On: August 17, 2018

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If you want to know how to learn a language on your own, research has revealed that learning through stories is the best way to learn a language. Reading a story can be a fun form of entertainment but when it’s used as one of the language learning resources it’s combining fun with learning through storytelling.

No one really likes the dullness of a textbook or even listening to a teacher droning on so there’s no better choice than that of using stories to improve vocabulary and at least using this as one of many language learning resources.

Storytelling is a way of bringing a group together while a story in the text is often the meaning the author places on the world and how sense is made of his or her place. Stories, whether real or imagined, tend to capture the imagination, keeping the reader focused on the plot and predicting what’s likely to happen next. How to learn a language by yourself is so straightforward if you pick up a storybook in the language you intend to learn and it won’t be long before you realize it’s the best way to learn a language.


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    If you’re both relaxed and happy you have a far higher chance to learn a foreign language on your own than if you are bored and anxious. When you read or listen to stories, you have the opportunity to grow a huge amount of vocabulary in your target language.

    If you choose a book for beginners in your chosen language you should find over the course of reading it you are likely to be exposed to 4,500 unique words. Throughout the time of reading many of these words will be repeated time and time again giving you the chance to remember them and build up your knowledge of vocabulary which shows how good stories are to improve vocabulary.

    When reading a story in your chosen language the vocabulary is used in context so you get to know how each word, phrase, preposition and verb in a story are used. You want learn a new word without seeing how it’s used and grammar rules don’t need to be memorized as you will pick them up in the text of the story.

    Motivation is one of the keys to successful learning and a story is the best way to learn a language is a great motivator as you become entwined in its plot. It’s a great way.

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