Skills a Legal Translations Agency Should Have at Their Fingertips

Legal TranslationThe legal document translation services offered by many translation services in Australia are provided by a variety of skilled translators who make up their team of legal translators. It is important for all translation agencies who are prepared to offer specialised translators that they are fully qualified for handling the complexity of language used in legal documents.

The two most ... View More

An Audio Translation Service can Save you Money

onMarch 12, 2015


audio translationsIf you have ever needed to translate an audio file you may not have realised just how much money you can save with an audio translation service. An audio translation service may be part and parcel of the options provided by your usual translation services provider in Australia – just ask and compare the cost savings with a translation service provider that ... View More

How Localisation can Give your Business a Much Needed Edge

onMarch 11, 2015


localisation processDoes your business deal with customers or partners overseas? Do you use translation services in Australia or elsewhere to get your message across? Are you getting the best out of these translation services? Many businesses have not yet understood the benefits of localisation. Choosing a professional translation service that can provide an effective localisation process can give your business a much ... View More

Bad Translation can be Bad for Business

Bad Translation can be Bad for BusinessFew businesses can afford to be slack about their business strategy and often there is a weak link in the chain. For any business that markets its products away from the home language environment should not take translation lightly. One could rephrase the title of this blog “no translation is very bad for business.” The fact is that the ... View More

Common Proofreading Mistakes in Legal Document Translation

onFebruary 26, 2015

inProofreading Services

Proofreading Services

Proofreading any sort of new text is important, but especially so when the text is in the form of legal documents. Proofreading mistakes in legal document translation could be potentially disastrous as the language used is often very precise. Mark Twain, the well known American author and reporter, once said that God made idiots first then proofreaders next. One could say ... View More

Localization Kits are Vital for Documentation Translation

Document Translation & Localisation Kits

Many clients who are new to document translation may not be aware of the need for the correct format for their documents if they require a quotation in advance. There are some clients who may think that all they have to do is upload their documents and everything will be returned to their satisfaction without anything else needed. ... View More

Document Translation Services

Document Translation ServicesThe world is becoming smaller as the level of global intercommunication becomes easier and more necessary. The need for effective translation has never been greater. If you need to translate documents from English into any other language or vice versa you will appreciate getting your documents translated accurately and on time. Good document translation services should be able to handle a range ... View More

Common Problems when Translating a Website

Website TranslationThese days, businesses are more international than they have ever been. A global market is in reach through the internet and many businesses use their websites to market and sell their goods – if not online then through a network of sales outlets. Successful international marketing depends not just on the message being promoted but on the way it is translated into ... View More

Trends in Technical Translations for 2015

onJanuary 27, 2015

inTranslation Services

Technical translation services

The beginning of the year is always a time for retrospective analysis and predictions of where things are going to go during the next year ahead. No less is this the case than for the technical translation industry. What follows is a somewhat tongue in cheek version of what the expected trends are for the technical translation service industry in ... View More

Where are Technical Translators Headed?

onJanuary 19, 2015

inTechnical translation

Technical Translation

Technical writing and technical translation services have long been thought of as being limited to the precise and accurate translation of documents such as scientific papers, medical manuals, legal and business document translations. But times they are a-changing. It is increasingly becoming obvious that technical translators are adapting to a fast changing world.

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