How Technical Translation Services Help Move Manufacturing Products

onFebruary 7, 2018

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Technical Translation

The manufacturing and engineering sector is a high technology, global sector that requires high accuracy levels in all areas including technical translation. This means clear, precise writing which is technically correct. All writing needs to be edited and translated to the highest of levels. This means engaging the services of highly qualified translators who have specialist knowledge in the particular industry.

The translation project needs to be managed efficiently as well as ensuring the best translation outcomes. The sorts of tasks that are important for a technical translation for manufacturing products project include:

1. The use of portal technologies and multi-platform cat tools;
2. The use of file transfer devices and cms connectors;
3. Centralization of the management of translation memory;
4. The management of terminology;
5. Localization for both websites and for mobile applications;
6. Ensuring investor relations as well as financial reporting is kept up to date;
7. The compilation of specific marketing materials.

Translators for technical translations need to know the local market and the technical knowledge necessary to produce technical text for the desired audience, whether it’s in the United States, Europe or Asia or any other country in the world. All the text needs to be professionally edited before it’s released. The sorts of industries that need technical translations before moving their products overseas are:

1. mechanical engineering products;
2. Metal products;
3. Plastics;
4. Electrical products;
5. Aviation products;
6. Automotive products;
7. Electronics.

When these products leave their factories they need to be accompanied by technical translations which will inform the market purchasing the products of how to use them properly to ensure no injury takes place. They need to include warranty information and how to return faulty products. In the absence of such information the user could be injured or fail to understand how to use the product correctly.

Once all these technical translations have been completed then the product is ready to be moved to its destination. The producer will be certain that the product will be used correctly and he or she will have no fear of being confronted with a lawsuit because an injury has taken place while using the product. A good technical translation is first and foremost the best move to make to ensure the rapid movement of products to different destinations.


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