Could You Profit From Professional Business Translations?

Last Updated On: April 23, 2018

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Professional business translation

There are many types of businesses that could benefit from a relationship with a professional business translator or translation agency. Depending on exactly how much international communication and business is done, there are now an increasing number of businesses that absolutely depend on the skills of a professional translator. The days when a business might expect to blithely use English as a means of promoting itself outside of its base country have long gone. That works for all languages. How could Google, Amazon or Facebook be so successful without the use of professional translators? How could AliBaba, the Chinese online store, become such a big hit all round the world without a whole team of professional translators?

Here is a list of some of the types of businesses that most depend on professional business translation.

1. App Translation

The number of apps, both free and payment required, is growing almost exponentially. Old apps are superseded by new ones. Updates are a regular necessity. Apps are in demand because of the growth in mobile devices: particularly smart phones and tablets. Apps need to be translated, and localized (i.e. adapted for specific local use) so that they have international value.


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    2. Website Page Translation

    Most businesses that have international sales are better off with a website that is available to use in the key languages that are likely to be used for their international customers. Some businesses try and get away with simple online translation tools, like Google Translate, and these certainly are better than nothing, but are no substitute for professional business translation of a company’s key web pages.


    3. Marketing Translation

    Websites might be the primary marketing mechanism used by a business with an international presence, but not the only one. Conventional marketing tools, such as media advertising, leaflets, flyers and brochures and bill boards are all still valid ways of getting a message across but of course they need to be translated to have any effect. Every business has to work out the balance it wishes to employ to get the best effect and often it is a combination of many.


    4. Technical Document and Manual Translation

    This is vital for any manufacturer that wishes to sell its products outside its own home market. Technical documents are necessary for the assembly, maintenance and use of a whole variety of instruments and tools. Manuals are prepared and translated for a huge number of appliances from electronic devices to engine workshop manuals and car maintenance manuals.


    5. Legal Document Translation

    Businesses with international branches, affiliates, partnerships and those that don’t but are still doing business outside of their home base will need translators to translate important business documents. Expertise in legal document translation is vital if costly mistakes and delays result from inexperienced translators. Legal documents of interest include licenses, patents, merger and acquisition documents, antitrust details, litigation and court documents.

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