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Last Updated On: March 14, 2018

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International Translation Day

It’s international translation day on 30th September every year. Its first year was in 1953. It was established by a federation called the International Federation of Translators. It gives a chance to celebrate the achievements of translators’ work around the world making it appear small by breaking down language barriers and allowing literature in any language to be shared amongst everyone. It shares the same day as the feast of St. Jerome as St Jerome gained fame from being the first to translate the Bible and today he is the patron saint for translators.

International travel, as well as the globalisation of trade, has contributed to the growth in demand for translators. Translators and interpreters are nothing less than professionals and it’s important to pay tribute to their contribution in the world.

There are various types of translations varying from translating a single page letter to translating a more complicated patent document for a product. Translators don’t just stay in their own safe havens but invariably are needed where conflict is present where they can help intercommunication between warring factions in a country who don’t share a common language. In 2014 at international translation day the Federation of Translators passed a resolution that recognised the dangers those who work in the interpreting and translation industries often had to face. It called upon governments from around the world to:


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    1.  protect translators and interpreters who offer their services in conflict zones
    2.  ensure they are well protected and feel secure once returning from a conflict zone.

    There are two well-known organisations that focus on people gaining access to knowledge through translations and these are Translators Without Borders and Red T which is dedicated to helping to protect of translators and interpreters who work in conflict zones.

    Overall though, International Translation Day is all about making people more aware of the language translation services industry that exists today throughout the world and is vital at keeping communication alive between people and nations.

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