How To Communicate Your Translation Message Better

onJune 22, 2016

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Communicate Your Translation Message BetterIf you are in the situation that you translate a monthly newsletter for a client regularly, you can make the process far simpler and time effective by providing a file transfer site where you and your client can quickly access documents that need translating and ones that have been translated. This is an extra service ... View More

Reducing the Cost of a Technical Translation

onJune 14, 2016

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Technical translation is a niche market in the translation industry. Even though it involves the translation of words like any other translation between languages it has some rather specific challenges.

The majority of technical translations fit clearly defined categories, such as users’ guides, owners’ manuals, journals and scientific texts. These texts use specialized language and the translation has to be done in such a way that it emphasises the text in a ... View More

How Translation Services help the World of Multimedia

onJune 2, 2016


Visual entertainment has, ever since its invention, been used as a means of taking viewers out of the tediousness of the real world and into a world that is not real but has been created to entertain. Movies are usually based on themes so that viewers can choose a movie that suits their interest such as action, drama, science fiction and documentaries about worldly things. Some of the best movies do provide the ... View More

The Importance of Technical Translation to the Engineering Industry

onMay 25, 2016


The Importance of Technical Translation to the Engineering Industry
25th May 2016

Technical language is difficult enough for native language speakers. It involves an understanding and familiarity with a very specific terminology and jargon. If a technical document translation is required, it is important that it is handled by professional translation services that specialise in technical documents. In fact, the more specialised the translator, the better. For example, if it is a medical document, the language used is going to be quite distinct ... View More

Customer Review Translation for a Multilingual Market

Multilingual Market
18th May 2016

This should not be too much of a surprise for those businesses that have already reoriented their market to a more multilingual and international one. To be able to have reached that point, the business must already have been using website translation services to translate their key web content so that it appeals to potential and current customers.

Customer reviews and surveys these days are almost always online anyway, but they are not necessarily translated into ... View More

Both Writing and Revising are All Important for a Professional Translation

Professional Translation
Professional translators are always in demand, especially when all of a sudden someone who does not speak the language of a seller or buyer turns up wanting to engage in business. A professional document translation may be needed in just about any field from the education industry to legal processes for a business. Once the translator has completed the ... View More

Which Languages are the Most Important for Translators?

onApril 29, 2016

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Languages for TranslatorsThis is a tough question to ask as there could be many different answers which depend on where you are located and what type of translation you are most skilled in.

In general terms, the most lucrative translation is between languages spoken by the wealthiest nations. This means that there is going to be a higher volume of ... View More

The Machine That Translates as Well as Prints!

onApril 19, 2016

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Machine Translator
19th April 2016

Imagine getting a document translated in record time by simply sticking it under what looks like a photocopier! That’s now possible with the help of Xerox’s new printer that doubles as a translator, albeit a rather inaccurate one as it relies on computer generated machine translation rather than more accurate (but slower) human translation.

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April Fool’s Day Teases Translators

April Fool’s Day Teases Translators
6th April 2016

Translation services employees in the U.S. probably had a double take when they learned that a U.S. city had introduced emoji translation last week. For those readers who haven’t a clue what emojis are and think that maybe emoji is a spoken language, they are actually the emoticons that are often used to accentuate an idea or comment in an email or text message.

In fact, rather than emoji being a minor language of a small ... View More

Are Project Managers Necessary for Translation?

onMarch 31, 2016

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Project Managers for Translation

Depending on the size of the translation business it will depend on whether it has the budget to take on both an accounts manager and a project manager. Both these jobs are important to every business. The accounts manager has to know what Australian document translation projects are underway so that invoices can be calculated ... View More