Video Marketing: How Translation Fits In

Last Updated On: March 14, 2018

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Video Marketing

This year is the year of translation in video marketing, and marketers are increasingly getting hooked on this as the next biggest way of attracting attention.

There is sufficient proof that video marketing strategies lead to increased:
• conversion rates;
• ad engagement;
• email click-through rates.

Videos are being used for different purposes and through different mediums like YouTube. More and more people are accessing these sites to view marketing videos, product demonstrations and to access entertainment in its various genres. These users can be found all over the world so that means when using video as a marketing tool it should be localized so the maximum number of potential customers can be reached. To do this it’s important to get a translator to do the translation work preferably someone who understands the nuances of the two languages he or she is capable of translating.


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    Once the language for the audio component has been translated a talented voice is required to read the text. The voice talent has to be coached by a person like a translator so the right accent and intonation is used which will convey your brand’s message in the best possible way.


    Translations for subtitling

    .SRT is a SubRip caption file and these files make subtitling quite simple as they are supported by most of the video players that are available, as well as subtitle creation programs. There is a time stamp format that makes syncing to audio quite straightforward.


    Translations for dubbing

    Dubbing is when an audio recording is integrated or mixed with a video production in order to create a completed soundtrack. When it comes to translation and localization, dubbing is all about integrating the multilingual audio files with the video files and syncing the audio with the content that appears on the screen.


    Multilingual captions and subtitles encourage video growth

    The more subtitling you do the more likely people will find your video because there are more people who will be able to understand it. Often videos are self explanatory but if it helps to have subtitles like when describing how something works or can be repaired this will drive viewers to the video which helps if it the video is all about advertising a product.

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