The Importance of Legal Documents Being Professionally Translated

Last Updated On: March 16, 2018

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When it comes to translating an important legal document like a birth certificate there is nothing better than hiring an experienced NAATI translator to do the job. If the legal document is to be used as proof of date and place of birth for an immigration department it is vital it is translated correctly and using the right legal language. Not anyone is proficient to complete legal translations as it requires legal document translation experience in the pair languages as well as the correct legal language for that type of document.

The discipline of translation and the discipline of law don’t fall into the same group professionally. However, when it comes to the word of the law it doesn’t change after a translation. If it is a contract, statute, a patent, a witness’s statement or a confidentiality agreement it is absolutely essential that whatever language the document is in the meaning must be the same.

Why can legal translation be so complex?

Like any kind of written document, a legal document could contain suggestive language that could influence or persuade readers. At the same time the law is open to interpretation and sometimes confusions arise. It is so important to hire a professional legal translator who will ensure all translations are free from ambiguity and written in the correct legal language to ensure no misunderstanding takes place.


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    There are many times where a legal translation is necessary such as moving criminals across borders where different languages are spoken on either sides. Any misunderstandings in documents could be critical to any court case involving a criminal thus leading to further questions and delays.

    The only real solution is ensuring the translator comes from professional translation services, which are held in high regard for its accuracy in legal translation. There’s no point in running the text through online, but cheap translation software, as the content is not protected and can be viewed by a large number of people. Sometimes you may have to take a risk and hope your high priority translated text comes out well despite not being able to get hold of your normal translator.

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