Meeting the Translation Needs of International Companies

Last Updated On: May 5, 2023

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As more and more companies seek international customers in order to reach their dreams of becoming key global players in their industry they have to do just a little more than simply advertise their products to overseas markets. In order to be competitive, it needs to communicate and market its company in a language its customers will understand. Communication barriers can be disastrous for any growing company. The best way forward is to get all necessary product information translated well into the targeted languages. There are many translation services that handle corporate translations at competitive prices.

Tips for getting the best corporate translation

Pick the translator yourself

When a corporate translation is involved it is typically far easier to work with a translation company that has built up a reputation for providing the highest quality of corporate translations. To source the best translation company you should look at whether it has any certification, it has reliable references and testimonials and it has attained a high position in the translation industry. You may have several languages you want to use to market your business so you will need several translators to complete the task. The best way to go about this is to choose your own translators for each language. The key features of the best translators are extensive experience in the corporate translation field. Second to this is having an excellent work ethic and thirdly having the proven ability to meet deadlines. Your chosen corporate translation company will give you a list of their translators for different languages so that you can choose yourself.

Check your translator’s workflow program

Most good translation services will assign a project manager to your job which will involve your hand-selected translators for your chosen languages as well as proofreaders to complete the job. Most translation services use translation memory and the most current machine translation devices. This will help to get the job finished more quickly and with a high degree of accuracy.


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    A country’s legal system

    Each country adopts a legal system even if they share a common language with other countries. Any translator of corporate translations needs to have a firm understanding of the legal system of the country or countries s/he the corporate translation is targeted. Taking the Chinese legal system as an example it does not always view the law in quite the same way as the West. Matters that appear simple to comprehend in the West may need better translations so the Chinese market gets a clear understanding of the digital content. Corporations when operating overseas need to get translations adapted taking into consideration the targeted country’s legal system.

    Different file formats are required for different aspects of your translation needs.

    The sorts of tools used in your marketing could be any of the following:

    • A mobile app
    • A website
    • Software
    • Technical Manuals

    Your chosen translation services will know all about the different formats used in these marketing materials.

    Get your technical documents right

    If your product requires the need for customers to refer to a technical document it is absolutely vital that this document is accurately translated. This will be the key to your new customers being able to understand how to use the product.

    Meeting global standards

    When keeping current with world standards it is important to get the best corporate translation but you local reputation should not be totally lost at the same time.

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