Marketing in More Than One Language is Essential Today

Last Updated On: September 6, 2023

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Multilingual marketing strategy

It might be a surprise to know how many businesses still market their products in English internationally. By doing this is missing out on a lot of opportunities and sales. These days, to remain competitive, it is essential to have a multilingual marketing strategy to attract new customers who will bring in more revenue.

What is a multilingual marketing strategy?

To keep it simple, this involves using more than one language when marketing, so translating has to take place of all marketing materials while keeping the initial message the same about the brand or product. It is also not the matter of translating information word for word but also looking at the differences in culture between the two language groups.


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    Now you may wonder what you need to translate first. The most important thing to translate is the content of the web pages on your website. You cannot use online translation tools as they do not work because they don’t allow for idioms and nuances in a language. The only person who has the skill to do an effective translation is a translator who has thorough knowledge of both the language and culture of both the source and targeted languages.

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    Key points about multilingual marketing 

    • Once your website starts to speak in the native language of your targeted customers your sales and revenue will soon start to grow. 
    • Because there are thousands of languages spoken and read throughout the world this means numerous untapped markets are accessed once your new translated content becomes live
    • Research has revealed that people always prefer to read website content in a material or providing information. The browser will focus much more on what is being read if it is in his or her own language even if they have a working knowledge of key global languages like English. 

    Customers trust their own language 

    Translated content is trusted more too as it shows that you as a business owner really wants to connect with your customers so a trusting relationship is built between the two parties. Often when a customer is face to face with a seller his or her purchasing decision may be partly influenced by how well they interact with one another. A polite but persuasive seller may be better at influencing customer choice than one who stands at a distance more and adopts a more aggressive approach to marketing. This cannot happen on online sales so that is why it is so important to get product marketing material by someone with skills of working and translating with both cultures.

    People who speak other languages apart from your own may live in your country and they may prefer to see product marketing material in their native language and not in the country’s language.  So by expanding your multilingual websites you may also be attracting more people from your only local area as well.

    A bigger audience will drive more traffic so more traffic ends up with more sales. It is estimated that companies that a multilingual marketing strategy may see an increase of 20 percent in their conversion rates. The larger your audience the cheaper your overheads will be as you can spread them over larger sales due to a bigger audience.

    By implementing a multilingual marketing approach, in no time at all you will be way ahead of your competitors who have adopted no novel tactics to draw in customers from outside their own local areas. You will be beginning to reap the rewards of your multilingual translation strategy in no time at all once the word has gone out advertising your website in a multitude of languages.

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