Create Multiple Foreign-Language Versions of the Same Video Using Subtitling

Last Updated On: February 18, 2021

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When marketing a product through a website videos are often used to describe the product and how it works. If you wish to attract audiences from many different countries subtitling is a good option as it uses far less tools than voice-overs. 

Foreign-Language Versions

How subtitling may boost your brand

What is subtitling?

Sometimes referred to as captioning, subtitling is adding a written script onto a video screen. The text may either be written in the same language as the spoken narrative in the video which may make it easier for deaf or partially deaf viewers to understand or a it can be translation into a foreign language so that the particular language groups targeted can understand the video. 


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    Marketing professionals know how effective a video with subtitles can be and it is also a cost-effective method to use when maximizing exposure without having to go through the time-consuming process of making a completely new video each time a new language group is targeted.

    There are several advantages for subtitling a well-produced video that markets your brand which includes the following:

    • Makes your video more accessible to more viewer groups.
    • Easily creates many foreign-language versions using the same video with translated subtitles.
    • Results of subtitling to international audiences can be observed quickly.

    Voice-over translating and dubbing can be used instead of translated subtitles but each requires the use of different voices that are then recorded over the original version of the audio track. In dubbing the original audio can’t be heard anymore.

    The key advantage of subtitling is that it is usually quite straightforward. It doesn’t require high levels of literacy from the viewer and the reading skills needed to understand the subtitles are typically quite basic. However, the audience still needs to have the ability to read the subtitles. It is just right for marketing or promotional videos that are putting across a simple but persuasive message about the product.

    Who creates subtitles in different languages?

    There are some online services that offer subtitling in different languages but translation providers can do a far better job at providing multiple language subtitles. They have professional translators available to compile appropriate subtitles that will match your multilingual audience.

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