Why You Never Need to be “Lost in Translation”

Last Updated On: August 17, 2016


Lost in Translation

Lost in TranslationTranslation services have been around for a very long time, especially when it comes to the movement of employees from one country to another where there is no common language present. Qualifications and work experience need to be translated, so that no misunderstandings take place in relation to the qualifications and potential of an employee who has been recruited from overseas. Contracts between trading partners that don’t share a common language need to be translated, too. These are types of translations that have been required for a very long time.

Today, as globalization moves forward in leaps and bounds, there is a greater and greater demand for translation services as businesses use different languages to make their product visible. An appropriate example here is the MacDonald’s fast food chain that can be seen in varying numbers in many different countries throughout the world. Except in English speaking countries, MacDonald’s has adeptly reached out to its international customers by translating its menus into any language where it has its presence. Its code of ethics and environmentally friendly attributes have been translated too so that the MacDonald’s icon can fit into any context.  E-commerce is another area that has expanded rapidly in recent years, but in order to reach international customers, language translation has to take place.


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Along with business expansion to global markets, translation services have moved forward too. Software developers have developed products that can quickly translate text into a multiplicity of languages by cutting and pasting a text, clicking a button and out pops your document in another language. Electronic language devices similar to calculators in appearance have multiplied too. These are a great aid to travellers who need a quick sentence at their fingertips to get themselves out of an awkward situation.

These are the online and electronic language translation tools that are available without having to confer too much with another human being. If you are looking for the best translation tool electronic methods won’t suffice as they only handle the translation of superficial language without going into the real depths. Translation companies throughout the world have multiplied as they have quickly realized that electronic translation methods won’t suffice for the huge array of documents that clients need translated accurately into possibly many different languages.

Accuracy in translation is the key to understanding and translation services in Australia have taken it upon themselves to ensure they have a team of qualified and experienced translators covering both a wide variety of languages and genres. It is important with business document translation and legal document translation services that the language used in the translation is appropriate both to gain a full understanding of the document in its new language and so it can be understood by its intended readership.

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