What’s so Great About Being an Expert Translator?

Last Updated On: June 19, 2017

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ExpertWhen you are told you are an expert translator it probably means that you know more than you need to know to perform a perfect translation in your pair of languages. Any mistakes that you could make you have already made and learned from. You know exactly what word is appropriate in just about any type of translation that belongs to your specialist field. On the other hand, being an expert should make you open to criticism too.

Languages change, evolve and adapt to suit changes in the world situation. Words become borrowed from other languages until they become an integral part of their new host. Words become adapted for certain uses while others become redundant and are rarely used. This makes an expert at a particular time and in a particular place and context.


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    Being an expert allows you a window on this language change and adaptation. An expert translator moves with the tides of language change so that any translation completed fits perfectly into its desired context.

    When you are told you are an expert translator it is because you have shown that no task is too difficult for you and you are prepared to pass on knowledge, listen and learn as there is no end to the learning process – even if you are an expert

    Benefits of Being an Expert Translator

    Once you have been recognized as an expert language translator you may have access to

    • A larger variety of jobs
    • Higher pay
    • Higher status
    • Job satisfaction
    • Personal pride.

    These six benefits make for an easier life, more leisure time and a higher status in your community.

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