What a Translation Company Can Do For Your Business

Last Updated On: September 6, 2023


Translation CompanyTo be successful today it’s critical that businesses don’t just communicate in the more well-known languages like English as overseas customers appreciate being approached in their own native language. This breaks down communication and cultural barriers and helps customers feel as though they are valued. Translation companies have the experience to help businesses translate their websites and marketing material to match the needs of potential overseas customers.

The role of a translation company for a business translation

There are several ways a translation company can help transform your marketing material as follows:

  • adjust images and graphics so they represent the culture and language of the targeted audience;
  • alter a business’s message so that it fits the new language, such as ensuring the text, for example, reads vertically not horizontally and is simple to read;
  • ensure the product or marketing tactics fit in with local regulations such as disclosure as privacy laws;
  • adjust the message so that it is cultural insensitivity;
  • alter smaller details so that the message or product marketing looks natural, such as the use of the right currency symbols and address formats.

Business translation for Chinese social media

The use of social media is a key way to access new customers and expand a business as well as a communication tool used to communicate with businesses and their employees. However, it is important to communicate with customers and business partners in their own native languages and culture when using social media. This is when a translation company can help you.


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    All social media posts need to be translated professionally and because social media tends to be casual poor translations may put off local cultures and your brand could lose a much-needed following.  

    Business website translations

    Writing a website may be easy but it needs to be optimised so that it is recognised by search engines and gets a good ranking. For a website to rank well overseas you may need to mount a campaign using emails which can be done effectively by a human translator who will do the following:

    • ensure the email’s tone is the same for every language;
    • lay the email out so that it will work in all languages;
    • eliminate or alter anything that could be culturally offensive.

    It is not uncommon for email marketing material to use figurative language but this may be difficult to understand if directly translated into another language. You can boost your chances of attracting more customers if you allow a translator to adjust your emails so that they will maintain the right professional appearance that suits many languages. 


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