Translators Can Gain From a Google Search

Last Updated On: February 7, 2018

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Google SearchGoogle has become more or less the prime search engine for finding information for just about everything known on the Internet. There are few people who have never heard of it wherever they are in the world. People are so familiar with the word that it has been turned into a verb that has now found in the Oxford English Dictionary, which means it will be there forever!

As far as translation services providers are concerned, they use Google too. They do it for certain reasons such as for language research. These days the Internet is overflowing with information and in order to get the best results from your research as a translator it is best to narrow down the terms you use first and one way of ensuring you get as close as possible to your desired information as quickly as possible is to enclose your chosen phrase in double quotation marks.


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Google isn’t just about the English language as translators know. There is one particularly useful tool that can be used when searching for a term in a different language. This is by adding the word ‘inurl:’ proceeded by the country’s code. This will ensure you find the information far faster. If for example you want to look up the word ‘cats’ on a German website you can type ‘cats inurl:de’ in the Google search space.

Finding concealed meanings

If you are having difficulty understanding a word’s meaning you can use the Google image search facility. When you do this Google will reveal images of the word which will help you to determine the meaning you are looking for.

Other tips and hints

There are many tips and hints available on Google search which will improve your capabilities as a translator but just be sure to keep your search word as short as possible. Many translators who want to earn the most amount of money want to become the best at document translation because it is lucrative. This involves ensuring all words are translated precisely and this is where Google search can be useful. The best translation services always provide the most precise document translation and are never short of work.

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