Technical Translators in an Expanding Translation World

Last Updated On: March 16, 2018


Technical Translation

There is a growing demand for technical translation services for documents that have specific terminology that needs translating. Fortunately to meet these needs there are many providers of technical translation services mushrooming throughout the world. It’s not necessary to just source a technical translation expert from one country but they can be found in many different places. It is easy to find an expert translator in just about any technical field.

When you have sourced a document translator related to your type of document, to ensure accuracy there are a number of ways you can prepare your document so that the translator knows exactly what you want as you are unlikely to have face to face contact with that person. Here are four ways you can help your technical translator.

  • Be concise

Use clear, concise English and provide some reference so that the translator has a good idea of the tone and style of your business.


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    • Organize your files

    As you will be emailing your files for the technical translation make sure ensure that the files you send are in their original file format. This makes it easier for the technical translator.

    • Use the translation memory facility

    You will over time most likely get many technical documents translated using translation memory. This is a linguistic database which helps to ensure all your translations have consistent technical terminology. Translation memory enables the translator to undertake a line by line translation. The translator can refer to any terms that have been translated before so that the same translation is used throughout all of your professional translation documents.

    • The use of a glossary

    A technical translator will have a glossary of technical terms and will present these to you before undertaking a translation. There are certain key words that may be used in the language you want your technical document translated into which are used in that country. You need to review the list and decide which are most appropriate for your type of technical document

    The final role of a technical translator

    Technical translation providers have learned that consistency is the best way to undertake a successful translation for a client and their translators know how your technical jargon can be translated into your target languages so that they are accessible to a large global audience.

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