Strategies to Enter a New Foreign Market

Last Updated On: March 14, 2018


Enter New Foreign Market

There are many ways a business can benefit from an overseas market. There is no particular way, but a number of possibilities, including direct exporting which may be suitable and the best strategy for one particular market. It should not be forgotten that website translation can be beneficial to your business.

The strategy will be determined by :
– Tariff costs;
– Transportation costs;
– Marketing costs.

Each of these will dig into profits but this should be offset by a rise in sales.


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    Direct exporting is when a product is sold straight to the market with no need to draw on other resources to make this happen. Some companies, once they have got off the ground, will hire agents to market their products. They end up being the business’s face in transactions.

    Another initiative to increase a product’s sales is through licensing, which is when a firm transfers some of its operations to another business. It is a useful strategy if the license’s purchaser has quite a large share in the market that fits the product. This can only be successful after a website translation which can be beneficial to your business.

    Franchising is typically North American and is a great way to expand quickly into a market. Franchising is particularly suitable for businesses like food outlets. It must be something that has an easily recognisable product and can be marketed overseas.

    Partnering is a useful strategy in markets where it appears the culture, both social and business is markedly different and it’s useful to draw upon the expertise of a partner to market a product. There is no better way of marketing a product except in the language of the targeted customer so a website translation can be beneficial to your business.

    Just imagine how many doors can be opened if the potential buyer can read all about your product in his or her language. If the translation is done by an experienced translator the business will soon reap the awards.

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