SEO Defines the Quality of Website Localization

Last Updated On: March 14, 2018

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SEO website localization

Website localization today is necessary for businesses which want to reach out to the world with their products. There is no better way of doing this than through website localisation using website translation services. The translators will help to drive customers to your website with content that- is relevant to a local market which will in the end improve the sales outcome of your product.



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    When a website is completely localised it will build consumer trust and confidence. This is because consumers trust a product more if the marketing information is written in their own language. Complex products often need product manuals and many products are subject to warranty agreements. All these documents need to be translated by a website translation services provider that has translators available who understand your product and your market.


    A well defined website localization plan can really have an impact on influencing an increase in ROI. As soon as the localization plan has been designed and implemented, it has reached the point of having to understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and localization.


    SEO and search terms

    Accessing your localised website will be totally dependent on what search terms your potential customers are likely to use. Different countries’ potential customers will use a variety of search terms before they get to your website. You will need to find out what the preferred search terms are. One way to do this is through Google Ad words, as it has data on keywords used as search terms in different countries. You have to ensure you incorporate the best search terms into the content on your website. A specialist in SEO will be able to study your website and suggest some ways you can make it more SEO friendly.


    Internet speed important consideration in marketing

    As time progresses, internet speed does too. In countries where speed is variable depending whether in an urban or rural area, it’s necessary to keep the web content down in terms of complexity. That means limiting the video component which slows everything down. Google also, prefers to send people to websites that will load quickly so weighing your website down with loads of images and videos will not impress Google.


    Reviewing localisation

    When checking your website for localisation you must check for

    – Spelling and punctuation errors and wrong word usage
    – Grammar mistake including capitalization
    – Text direction
    – Correct language
    – Language appropriate to culture and region
    – Eliminating culturally sensitive language
    – General fluency and message appeal
    – Formatting of numbers
    – Use of symbols for things like currency, weights and measurements
    – Eliminating of layout defects such as overlap and misalignment
    – Leave out idioms if they appear to be difficult to understand


    Your website translation services agency or provider will be able to help with translations, but you need someone experienced in the technical aspects of the language to proofread.

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