Document Translation: 6 Helpful Tips

Last Updated On: March 16, 2018

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Document Translation

There are a number of things you can do before sending your document to a document translation services provider. The better your preparation the easier it will be for the translator to complete a good translation.

1. Check through your document carefully to ensure it is correctly punctuated and that there are no spelling mistakes or areas of ambiguity which the translator could misunderstand. If you have used professional translation services before you should have a style guide and glossary of your business terminology which you will have made available to help to guide your document translator through the translation process.

2. Omit any information in your document that could be a security risk to your business if your document got into the wrong hands. If you have any sensitive information about an employee in the document to be translated make sure that person remains anonymous. This includes personal information that may identify that person.


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    3. Carefully read through the document to ensure there are no cultural or linguistic references that a translator may misunderstand and consequently mistranslate. This also includes the way measurements are used as different countries use different units such as kilograms or pounds. Currencies have to be adapted to reflect the usage in the target country. If the translation is from English to another language there may be some words that need to remain in English and won’t need a professional translation.

    4. At this point the document is ready for the professional translation phase and the first thing the translator will do is prepare the document to be run through Translation Memory software. If you have the settings that have been used in a previous similar translation you should ensure the translator has them otherwise a new TM will be set up.

    5. Before any document can be run through TM it needs to be cleared of any possible formatting issues like ensuring there is the correct spacing between words, sentences and paragraphs and the font is consistent throughout the document.

    6. The competent translation services provider will run the document through the TM and the translator will proofread and edit the document to ensure accuracy. At this point in time you will receive the translated document.

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