You Need to Find a Proofreader if You Don’t Have One

Last Updated On: June 19, 2017


Find a proof readerNo one writer ever produces a perfect text first time round. It might not be spelling, word choice or grammar construction that’s wrong but common mistakes often go back to the dreaded typo that even the best typist can’t avoid. Whether it’s for a blog post, a cover letter for a job vacancy or you are a translator with website translation services your final text should be error free.

Experience tells us as writers that however many times we go over our writing there is always some mistake that gets missed. Such things as an “i” missing or a “you’re” instead of “your.” Small errors – but they are surprisingly noticeable when a stranger reads the text.


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How to find a proof reader

It won’t take you long to work out that there are online proofreading services with tools that are easy to use. You simply copy and paste your text into the box provided, click the submit button and Bob’s your uncle – out comes an analysis of your text. It doesn’t just make corrections but suggestions too.

Often, blog writers go through stages when using proofreading services. They often start with free resources, such as the PaperRater Online Proofreader Tool, which provides an analysis of your writing in relation to your title choice, word choice, grammar, spelling and even style.

The next stage is the paid automated proof reader called Grammarly which is available for a monthly fee. It is designed not just to find mistakes but teach you how to write better.

The final stage is hiring a human proofreader. Again when you use the Internet you will find that there are many websites where freelancers advertise proofreading services. Many of these professional proofreaders have had years of experience in the field offering services to businesses, authors, translation services in Australia and blog writers like yourself.

The only hitch is that the ball is in your court when it comes to setting your requirements and deadlines. Humans don’t necessarily work day and night and you can’t just copy and paste into an email and expect an instant response. You have to reach an agreement on what you would like the proof reader to do, set the deadline and determine the price.

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