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Last Updated On: June 19, 2017

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Technical Translation

Technical TranslationTechnical translation services are needed more than ever before in a world that is becoming more interconnected than it has done at any time in history. Technical translators are in demand because of their ability to translate highly specialised documents and other forms of information. The range of technical documents translated by a professional translation agency in Australia or elsewhere is wide. The technical translator may be called upon tog translate legal documents, medical data sheets and instrument manuals, engineering or other specialised material. Ideally, the technical translator should not just be thoroughly familiar with the source and target languages but should be an expert in the domain used as well. This means, for instance, that legal document translation services should be provided by translators who understand the legal world in both language contexts.

One of the reasons of the high demand for technical translators is that this kind of specificity and specialisation is not easy to find. It’s a case of a restriction in supply at a time of growing demand. It’s no wonder that poorly qualified translators may be called upon to translate technical documents with results that are less than satisfactory.


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    The requirement for competent technical translators is most apparent with any information that might be critical to human life. Medical documentation just has to be accurately translated if it is to be used correctly. Human lives can be affected by wrong dosages of drugs or instruments used inaccurately. Engineering data is also critical to safety. Any type of construction planning that involves precise instructions and specifications has to be accurately translated if buildings, highways and bridges, just to name a few examples, are built soundly.

    Good professional translation services in Australia or elsewhere that specialise in technical translations need, of course, to employ a multi step process. The translation is produced first in its draft form, and then reviewed by a proofreader with knowledge of the context in which the translation is written. Errors are corrected and these may range from syntax and spelling errors or simple typos to areas where there is uncertainty that the translation will be understood by the recipient. This may mean an amended translation of the text with the aim of 100% error free translation. With the demand for technical translation of high quality growing world-wide, technical translators can be assured that there is plenty of work for them if they can match the standards required.

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