Reducing the Cost of a Technical Translation

Last Updated On: June 19, 2017

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Technical translation is a niche market in the translation industry. Even though it involves the translation of words like any other translation between languages it has some rather specific challenges.

The majority of technical translations fit clearly defined categories, such as users’ guides, owners’ manuals, journals and scientific texts. These texts use specialized language and the translation has to be done in such a way that it emphasises the text in a clear, easy to understand way. Many translation services in Australia include not only suitable text but also a variety of images and other graphics that back up the text. In addition to this an expected layout of the translated is often a requirement.


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    How to save money on a technical translation

    The first method of saving money is providing uncluttered text to the translator at the translation agency. The translator will find it easier to find the precise word for a source word. The more complex the text is, the more difficult it is for the translator to find the correct word.

    The second method you can use to save both money and time is updating translation memory and term bases before the start of the translation process. Some technical texts are the best candidates for translations that are machine-assisted because they include so much redundant and standardised text.

    A term base is precisely a glossary that matches any technical words with their correct translation into a second language. As computers are unable to identify your meaning, the one concept and one-word rule is necessary to use. A translation memory resembles the term base, but it handles phrases and concepts. For example, rather than translating separately “format” “your” “hard” and “drive” the translation memory stores the words used before for the same phrase which were correct.

    It’s worthwhile having a concordance put through your document in order to take out any phrases and terms that are being used in the original document and update them in the translation memory and term base before the translation takes place. This will save you money on your translation.

    Preparing your document before translation and talking to your chosen translator about machine assisted translation and translation memory will save even more time and money on your chosen translation services.

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