How to Translate Any Webpage on Your Iphone

Last Updated On: October 30, 2019

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Iphone webpage translation

Iphones and Androids are now essential to everyday, life whether at home or abroad. They provide the opportunity to engage in live communication whether by phone or internet. That is why it is essential and beneficial to be able to translate web pages wherever you are. You can make an online booking, rent a car or book a tour as long as you can understand the webpage you need to use. There are plenty of apps to choose from.
Translation apps that have been tried and tested

1. Microsoft Translator

If you want to translate a webpage on your iPhone you can use Microsoft Translator extension. You must first download the extension from the Apple store and once this has been done you may use it with your Safari browser on your iPhone. It has the capability of translating web pages into English.

2. iTranslate

This is a popular app and it can translate text including words and phrases, in more than 100 supported languages. It is possible to listen to translations in both male and female voices. The voice-to-voice feature is particularly useful when travelling to overseas countries. The dictionary with synonyms and different meanings enables you to understand all types of texts easily. There is an offline mode too.


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    3. Google Translate

    Google Translate offers a translation service for the iOS user with a fast speed and with reasonable accuracy. Its text-to-text support can translate up to 103 languages. Out of the 103 languages you will be able to get translations of 53 languages even without the internet.

    4. Speak and Translate

    Speak and Translate app is considered to be the best translation app for an IOS device. It has the support of Apple’s speech recognition tech support. All you need to do is type or dictate the text you want translated into the app in order to get a translation. You can choose between a female or male voice for the translation prompt. It offers117 languages for text-to-text translations and 54 languages for voice to voice translation on an iPhone.

    5. SayHi Translate

    Learning a new language is certainly made easy using the app SayHi. You may get a voice prompt and help for different languages. You can choose either female or male voice prompts. You can tap on the translation to edit and the translation can be shared via social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and email.

    6. iHandy Translator

    iHandy translator offers translations for 52 languages, which include English, Spanish, Dutch, Hindi, etc. The translation can be shared with friends through your social networking sites straight from the app’s interface. The app also has a pro version, which offers an option for text-to-speech translations. The users of the pro version may access the in-built phrasebook to help improve the translation quality.

    7. Reverso Translation

    The Reverso Translation App is the best translation tool for an Apple device. All you need to do is speak some words or type some text and then the translation has been completed. You can generate a new vocabulary list which becomes easy to access.

    8. Speech Trans

    “Speech Trans” is quite good for the translating of voice to other languages. It has embedded in it advanced technology for voice recognition which is quick to identify your language. This app supports both keyboard typing and voice translation. You are able to share the translation with friends using SMS and email. It is compatible with at least thirty languages which suits most people’s requirements.

    9. Worldictionary

    This multiple award-winning app is just so simple and so creative! All you need to do is point the iPhone’s camera at a word and Worldictionary has the capacity instantly translate it. It is compatible with a number of international languages like French, German and English.

    10. Clear Translation

    Select Clear Translation because it enables you to communicate instantly! The app. allows you to translate words and phrases into 30 different languages. You are able listen to the translation in the language you prefer. You can also edit the text, save it and use it at a later date. If you wish you can access any previous translations offline.

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