How the Challenge of Technical Translation is Being Met

Last Updated On: June 19, 2017

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Challenge of Technical TranslationThe demand for technical translation is continually growing, in part because of the trend towards global expansion of many businesses and the corresponding greater communication between nation states. There are many young people who are trying to establish themselves as technical translators and often the choice of document translation services can be dizzying.

Technical translation is a branch of translation services that demands the greatest attention to detail. Technical documents can range from legal documents to medical manuals and documents to manuals for machinery and appliances. There is no room for poor translation as the outcome can be very serious. Imagine, for instance, that a new drug has been released by a company somewhere in the world and has been distributed worldwide with precise instructions for its safe use. These instructions must be translated into multiple languages if the drug is to be used properly. Even if the drug is only available through medical centres and pharmacies, accurate technical translation is vital if the drug is to be administered correctly.


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    Translation agencies in Australia that provide technical document translation services will have specialised translators that have the experience in specific fields. Legal translation needs to be dealt with by translators that have the relevant experience in legal terminology in both the original language and the target language, too. This means they should also have some experience with the legal systems in both countries, too so they can feel comfortable with the range of legal documents that they are given.

    Technical translators may make use of translation software much more than in the past, but it is mainly used for repetitive translation tasks to cut down time in translation and is not used without thorough checking and proofreading by the human translator.

    If you are looking for a translator or translation agency to provide accurate document translations, be careful to choose the translator carefully and don’t just make your choice on price factors alone. Find out what the expertise is in the technical area that you deal with and how much experience the translator has in the language you need translating your documents into.

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