Finding a Proofreader for Your Blog or Translated Document

Last Updated On: June 19, 2017


The Importance of Accuracy and Quality in Linguistic Projects

proofreading_BWEven the very best writers make simple mistakes such as typos and grammar errors. If you have a regular blog which is published to a large online market, it is imperative that you have proofread your material thoroughly first. It is even more important that you proofread your work if you are involved in any sort of document translation services as there are two steps to proofread: the translation itself as well as the final version.

Fortunately, it is easy to find a proofreader if you don’t already have one but what you should try and avoid doing yourself is the final proofread. This is because it’s inevitable that how many times the same person proofreads a blog of their own creation, or any other document for that matter, there will inevitably be some errors still remaining.


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    Proofreading Tools

    There are several tools available on the internet which provide automated proofreading services. You start by submitting your text which is analysed and then suggestions are offered that will improve your writing. They are simple tools that are fast and often very effective.

    Free proofreading resources

    The Word Press JetPack plugin is free for Word Press blogs and has a Grammar and Spelling option which makes use of artificial intelligence when checking style, spelling and grammar in Word Press. It can be programmed in advance so that you are reminded to proofread your blog before submission. PaperRater Online is another fast, free, proofreading tool which analyses titles, grammar, spelling, style and choice of words. Ginger is a free spell-check and grammar tool that uses Safari extension and Google Chrome Web Store. It can also be used with Gmail and MS Office.

    Paying proofreading services

    Grammarly is a sound pay as you go web proofreading service that checks spelling and grammar and offers suggestions for writing improvement as well. If you are involved in any sort of professional document translation  then this is a good programme to use for your document proofreading if the final language is in English.

    Human proofreading services

    It might surprise you but these still exist. Even the Word Press blog provides this type of service and you can submit your blog online to an editorial team who will return it quickly. There is a price attached to this service, which ranges from between 2.5 and 3 cents Australian for one word. Even though humans are used your blog can still be published in under half an hour. There are also freelancer websites such as that contain a database of freelance proofreaders that include profiles and reviews with star ratings attached. Once you have selected a suitable proofreader, pay for a trial proofread before setting up a long time contract. Your selected proofreader should be able to be accessed when required.

    Proofreading your blog or important document by a proofreader will pay off in the long term as customers and clients will always be keen to read it if it is well written and error free.

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