Are Project Managers Necessary for Translation?

Project Managers for Translation

Depending on the size of the translation business it will depend on whether it has the budget to take on both an accounts manager and a project manager. Both these jobs are important to every business. The accounts manager has to know what Australian document translation projects are underway so that invoices can be calculated ... View More

Translation Memories (TMs) can be very useful

Translation Memories

Some people think that translation memories (TMs) are something to do with machine translations but in fact, they are unrelated as they are word processing products which aid translators and translation services when they are translating documents.

The software surveys the document and breaks it up into groups which it has identified as having been exactly repeated. This is referred ... View More

Translation Jobs are Now one of the Most Popular Career Choices

Translation Jobs

Being able to speak at least one other language other than your own has suddenly become a very useful asset, as translation jobs have become one of the fastest growing career choices right around the world. The growth in the translation and interpreting industry in places as far apart as Australia and the USA is partly a result of ... View More

Literary Translation is Harder than You May Have Thought

onFebruary 25, 2016

inTranslation Services

Literal Translation
Are you a translator? Do you confine yourself to document translation services? Have you ever contemplated literary translation? If you have, you may find that it is harder than you thought! It is amazing just how much literary translation actually goes on behind the scenes and just how challenging it can be.

Literary translation may be just one of ... View More

Translation Costs rise at MidCentral District Health Board in New Zealand

onFebruary 10, 2016

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Rise in Translation Costs
It is interesting to note that while some professional translation services are worrying themselves over the volume of work they may see in the future with the rise in machine translations the demand for translation services in New Zealand in some places has risen threefold and is costing institutions like the ... View More

Challenges of learning Australian slang

onFebruary 9, 2016

inTranslation Services

Australian slangGrowing up in Germany and having had English as a foreign language in school for eight years, I felt well prepared for studying in Australia. Well, I found out that learning to write essays in school is different from speaking in groups (with background noise), and listening to lecturers (who finish their sentence already having forgotten how they started it); but ... View More

The Need for Professional Translation Services Just Keeps Growing

onDecember 23, 2015

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Professional Translation Services Keeps Growing
There is no stopping the trend for businesses, both small and large, to expand their operations outside their national boundaries. This may be because they have shifted their manufacturing base elsewhere, or they are selling their products in more than one country. In addition to the search for international markets, many companies find ... View More

How Marketing Translation Services can Help Grow Globally Minded Business

onDecember 21, 2015

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Globally Minded Business
There comes a point with many businesses when expanding into a new market requires a paradigm shift in thinking. For years, businesses have been oblivious to the slow, yet inexorable shift in cultural and linguistic composition of many, if not most of the world’s most affluent nations. Immigration, whether legal or illegal, for economic, political or sheer ... View More

Themes and Rhemes in Translation: What are They all About?

onNovember 17, 2015

inTranslation Services

TranslationTranslation service providers, especially those that specialise in legal document translation services or wherever terminology and vocabulary are highly specific are often confronted with more challenges than the run of the mill translator that deals with simple everyday business document translation or the translation of certificates.

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Marketing Translation Mistakes that Should Never Have Happened

onOctober 15, 2015

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Marketing Translation Mistakes

It’s quite amazing how easy it is to make a translation mistake so that a text is actually mistranslated.  This could be due to the proofreading services used or just simply a failure of the translator when researching language equivalence.

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