What Kind of Format Should You Use For Website Translation?

Website Translation

If your business is about to launch a multi language website, one of the tasks before submitting the material to the website translator is to select the best format that should be used for the website.

There are four main formats currently used to share web content with the chosen translation agency. These are:

  • CMS integrated technology
  • Manual file transfer
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Technical Translators in an Expanding Translation World

onOctober 13, 2016

inTechnical translation

Technical Translation

There is a growing demand for technical translation services for documents that have specific terminology that needs translating. Fortunately to meet these needs there are many providers of technical translation services mushrooming throughout the world. It’s not necessary to just source a technical translation expert from one country but they can be found in many different places. It ... View More

Reducing the Cost of a Technical Translation

Technical translation is a niche market in the translation industry. Even though it involves the translation of words like any other translation between languages it has some rather specific challenges.

The majority of technical translations fit clearly defined categories, such as users’ guides, owners’ manuals, journals and scientific texts. These texts use specialized language and the translation has to be done in such a way that it emphasises the text in a ... View More

The Importance of Technical Translation to the Engineering Industry

Technical Translation
Technical language is difficult enough for native language speakers. It involves an understanding and familiarity with a very specific terminology and jargon. If a technical document translation is required, it is important that it is handled by professional translation services that specialise in technical documents. In fact, the more specialised the translator, the better. For example, if ... View More

How the Challenge of Technical Translation is Being Met

onNovember 25, 2015

inTechnical translation

Challenge of Technical TranslationThe demand for technical translation is continually growing, in part because of the trend towards global expansion of many businesses and the corresponding greater communication between nation states. There are many young people who are trying to establish themselves as technical translators and often the choice of document translation services can be dizzying.

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Can Translation Apps Break Down the Language Barrier?

onAugust 18, 2015

inTechnical translation

Translation Apps Break Down the Language Barrier

Travelling to another country is a chance to talk to the locals and find out about how they live and share experiences, but this is not easy when they don’t speak your language and you don’t speak theirs. You can’t always learn a new language just to have a holiday for a week or two and if ... View More

There is More to Technical Translation than You Think

onApril 22, 2015

inTechnical translation

Technical TranslationTechnical translators are generally regarded as providing professional translation services for specific purposes such as medical documents and handbooks, scientific material, legal documents, manuals and user information for appliances or equipment of all types. However the nature of translation services in Australia, as in the rest of the modern world, is changing. Technical translators are adapting to an increasingly globalised and ... View More

Where are Technical Translators Headed?

onJanuary 19, 2015

inTechnical translation

Technical Translation

Technical writing and technical translation services have long been thought of as being limited to the precise and accurate translation of documents such as scientific papers, medical manuals, legal and business document translations. But times they are a-changing. It is increasingly becoming obvious that technical translators are adapting to a fast changing world.

Technical translators are much more likely these days to be ... View More