What Results in a Reliable Medical Device Translation?

onSeptember 1, 2015

inMedical Translation

Medical Device TranslationIt cannot be stressed more than anything else how important it is to have medical device user information translated accurately into the languages of those countries where the device is to be marketed. It is of primary importance that linguists or translators working with you to provide accurate medical translation services have particular skills so that a perfect understanding of ... View More

Medical Report Translations can be a Challenge

onJuly 23, 2015

inMedical Translation

Medical Document TranslationMost translations of medical reports can be a challenge, especially if the report comes in the form of a scanned PDF or even an image file – which is often the case.

There is a process that should be followed before the medical document translation should begin. This is particularly important for medical reports because they ... View More

How You Should Ensure You Get the Medical Translation Service You Really Want

onJune 30, 2015

inMedical Translation

Medical TranslationFew people would disagree that medical documents must be translated absolutely accurately, whether they are instructions for the use of medical equipment, prescriptions for drugs and medicine or when patients whose first language is other than English attend a medical institution. Getting the translation wrong could mean serious health problems and could also be considered medical malpractice if it is knowingly allowed ... View More

Medical Device Translation has to be Done With Care

Medical Device Translation Medical devices that are marketed overseas need to have vital information concerning the medical device translated into the languages of the country that the device is to be sold. This means instructions concerning usage including risks and warnings associated with the product.  There are certain things you should not do when it comes to translating medical device information as ... View More

Medical Translation Services Just Have to be Good

onDecember 24, 2014

inMedical Translation

Medical translationIn the medical industry there are many reasons why medical translation services are required and they have to be accurate or there can be dangerous complications.

This need for accurate translation can vary from simple instructions for using medicines, drugs or other pharmaceuticals, to instructions for using medical devices and instruments, textbooks on diagnosis and treatment, software that is specifically designed to operate surgical ... View More