Don’t Neglect Transcreation if You are an Active Marketing Translator

Transcreation in marketing translation services

If you’ve never heard of the term “transcreation”, it may be time you have, especially if you are in the business of marketing your products to a new emerging niche or you are a marketing translator who is looking to build your client base.

Transcreation sounds vaguely like a religious term at ... View More

Growth In Online Shopping Needs Effective eCommerce Localisation

E-Commerce Localisation

Christmas and the New Year are over, and with them the highest volume of online shopping, but this seasonal drop won’t mask the overall annual increase in internet buying which seems to just keep on rising. Online shopping, of course, is not confined to national borders. It has a global customer base, but that’s something which is intimately connected to effective localisation.
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Traps for the Unwary About Marketing Translation

onDecember 15, 2016

inMarketing Translation

Marketing translation is a necessary part of a business’s expansion outside its own borders. With online sales growing every year, marketing translation becomes even more of a necessity. The contradiction is that many businesses are compromising their image and brand by not taking marketing translation seriously enough or treating it like any other translation task.

Marketing translation skills are different from other kinds of translation

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Translating your Twitter Posts is a Good Marketing Strategy

Translate Twitter Post

Businesses today are as active on social media sites as are individuals and most recently a Twitter account has proved to be more and more favourable for businesses. The main aim of a Twitter account is to reach out to customers and actively engage in conversations with followers. By doing this, product benefits are passed via Twitter accounts so sales ... View More

Marketing Translation Mistakes are so Easy to Make

onOctober 23, 2015

inMarketing Translation

Marketing Translation Mistakes

How many times have you been on holiday overseas and chuckled at a notice or advert in a hotel, restaurant or bar that has been translated into English badly? Funny mistakes that turn a simple message into gobbledegook or something much more hilarious are commonplace when translating messages into English, simply because ... View More