Language Support Importance and Why It Is a Necessity

onJune 19, 2018

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importance Language support
19th June 2018

Language support for those that don’t speak the native language of the country they reside in has grown in importance in recent years. In the United States, at least, the demand for it has skyrocketed as more and more organizations recognise the need to provide much-needed language back up to those with limited English. For a vast number of organizations, this often means making available a language support person in order to alleviate ... View More

Influence of the Environment on Your Language | Happy World Environment Day

onJune 4, 2018


World Environment Day
4th June 2018
History of the World Environment Day

On June 5th, every year, World Environment Day (WED) is marked by 143 individual countries around the world. The importance of the world’s environment is recognised every year on the same date. It was first established in 1974 when countries began to realise how environmental issues such as overfishing, overpopulation, marine pollution and forest destruction had become important concerns.

World Environment Day history goes back to 1972 at the UN General ... View More

Between Dictionaries and Style Guides: Which One to Use

onMay 24, 2018

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Dictionaries and Style Guides choose one
24th May 2018

However far advanced writers are there are still trusty resources that they use and that’s the use of style guides and dictionaries. Several dictionaries are available and a well loved one is Webster’s. The difference between style guides and dictionaries is that style guides provide guidelines for a certain style which is linked to specific dictionaries which follow that style.
There are different kinds of style guides such as the Chicago Manual of ... View More

Professional Proofreading is Better Than Any Free Online Proofreading Tools !

onMay 18, 2018

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Professional proofreading services
18th May 2018
KW professional proofreading services

No writer or translator will ever release a document of any type before it has been through the proofreading process. Even the best writers will most likely make mistakes, even if they go through their text a number of times. Whatever you are writing or translating it is always best to ask someone to proofread your text who hasn’t taken any part in writing it.

A fresh set of ... View More

How to Use Music to Improve Your Foreign Language

onMay 8, 2018

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Music translation helps learn new language
8th May 2018

Music in foreign languages is a great learning tool because it occurs so naturally in our lives. Music can be heard just about everywhere, whether in a car, on the television, on the internet, or when out shopping. Many parents even sing songs to babies and kids to help them fall asleep quickly at night.

There seems to be some indication that the brain can quickly pick up things if they are ... View More

10 Facts About British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters

onMay 1, 2018

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sign language interpretation
1st May 2018

The World Federation of the Deaf recognises that there are 70 million people who use some form of sign language to aid communication. British Sign Language (BSL) is the language used by more than 87,000 deaf people in Britain whose English may be a 2nd or 3rd language. In fact, BSL is used by 151,000 individuals in Britain. This doesn’t allow for professional BSL users, BSL interpreters and BSL translators.

Sign ... View More

Medical Translation Services to Ensure Patients Understand Need Professional Translators

onApril 23, 2018

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professional medical translation
23rd April 2018

It can’t be overstated that these days with the global movement of people to countries where the immigrants’ mother tongue is not spoken that inevitably health services are going to encounter people who don’t speak their language. If they do, it’s usually very limited and doesn’t extent to understanding medical terminology. That’s why professional medical translations are so important.

Some medical facilities when confronted with trying to explain a medical procedure or ... View More

How to Improve PowerPoint Translation in 4 Easy Steps

onApril 10, 2018

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Powerpoint translation
10th April 2018

PowerPoint files are generally used for presentations and training. The translation of a PowerPoint presentation helps to eliminate language barriers between the presentation, the presenter, and his or her attendees. PowerPoint translations are more powerful if they are translated to match the projected audience.
Points to consider before starting to prepare PowerPoint presentations

1. Know your targeted audience

This is crucial for getting the language right in your presentation and the speed of ... View More

Get Your Technical SEO Spot On With Translated Content

onMarch 29, 2018

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Spot on SEO with proper translation
29th March 2018

It’s all very well getting your business’s marketing requirements translated into your targeted languages, but you need to get your seo website right too in order to have any effect.
There are some basic facts concerning an SEO content management system which should be considered to get the most out of your translated text.

  • Make sure your content is geo-targeted

If your company has a different product or prices that are listed in a ... View More

Small Translation Errors Can Result In Big Problems

onMarch 19, 2018

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Small Translation Errors
19th March 2018

There are many instances when just small translation mistakes that have occurred have proved to be very expensive. There are four of these examples explained below.

The 71 Million Dollar Word

18 year old Willie Ramirez was admitted unconscious into a Florida hospital. His friends and family had a go at explaining what they thought had caused the problem to the physician present in the medical facility. The problem was they couldn’t speak ... View More