Gollum Just Needed Sunshine And Vitamins

onDecember 15, 2013

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Gollum Just Needed Sunshine And VitaminsWhile Tolkien’s novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were both filmed in New Zealand, they are popular all over the world and have inspired people from all walks of life. Recently the Australian Medical Journal published a study which suggested that the villains of the pieces were suffering from a lack of sunlight and vitamins. The study ... View More

What’s to Like about Australia?

onDecember 13, 2013


Like most countries, Australia has a tourist office, whose job it is to publicize what a great place it is to visit. One of their most popular features is their photo collection, much of which has been contributed by amateur photographers. Showing how proud Australians are of their country, about a fifth of the board’s Facebook followers are actually Australians who submit pictures of their area and act as local experts, answering questions from ... View More

Watch the Birdie – Australian Style

onDecember 3, 2013


Australia is a great place for photographers, particularly wildlife photographers. People who are keen on getting top-quality pictures of birds and animals going about their business can become very creative about how they go about getting them. Some photographers have started using hidden cameras or mobile ones fixed to remote-control vehicles of all descriptions.

Recently, however, rangers in Western Australia inadvertently captured the country from a whole new perspective – that of a flying ... View More