The flying doctor from Galifrey

onNovember 26, 2013


Australia’s flying doctors are known worldwide, but none of them have quite the same level of celebrity as the famous Dr Who, who was recently claimed as an “Australian institution”. The classic theme tune was originally composed by Australian Ron Grainer and going by the evidence of the 50th anniversary simulcast, he has no shortage of admirers down under. One of them is Australian MP George Christensen who moved ... View More

Scaling Sydney’s Opera House

onNovember 17, 2013


While attempts to scale Sydney’s famous harbour bridge may be more noticeable, the work of a Scottish team may help to preserve Australia’s heritage for generations to come. Even though the opera house is a relatively new addition to Sydney’s skyline (building started in 1958 and it was officially opened in 1973), it’s now hard to imagine the city without it. To ensure that the residents of Sydney (and its many visitors) never have ... View More

Australia – Naturally Full of Surprises

onNovember 10, 2013


In a country renowned for its unique wildlife, it takes something special to get people excited, but the recent discovery of an ancient tooth has done exactly that. The reason for this is that it points to the existence of a creature nicknames “Platypus-zilla”. More formally named Obdurodon tharalkooschild, it is literally a giant ancestor of today’s cute platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus). For giant read over a metre long. Scientists make decisions on how types ... View More