Spooky Sites

onOctober 31, 2013


Many visitors to Australia will want to take in the country’s iconic attractions, from the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, to the wineries and the outback. Some visitors, however, will be looking for something a little out of the ordinary and Halloween is either the best or the worst time to visit some of Australia’s more haunting attractions.

In Sydney, the old Quarantine Reserve is now open to the public and even though the animal ... View More

Australia’s Floating Forest

onOctober 22, 2013


Australia has some truly unique wild environments and one of the most unique of all is the floating forest in Homebush Bay. The name of Homebush has been claimed to be an abbreviation of Home in the Bush, although it’s location on the western side of Sydney is hardly the outback. It wa s created by Englishman D’Arcy Wentworth so its possible that the name refers to Homebush ... View More

A Kangaroo or a King?

onOctober 7, 2013


That was the question facing the new Federation of Australia as it began to carve out an identity for itself as an independent country. Even though Australia had become self-governing, it still acknowledged the British monarch as head of State, although at the time there were plenty who were calling this fact into question.

When Australia’s first stamp was commissioned it featured a portrait of King George V, but the appointment of a new ... View More