Get Pally With A Platpus

onSeptember 25, 2013


If you’ve heard the word monotremes then you’re probably Australian or a pub quiz guru. The term refers to species of mammals which lay eggs. There are only three of them and they are all indigenous to Australia. They are the platypus, the short-beaked echidna and the long-beaked echidna. While the spikey echidna (or anteater) is not the sort of animal with which most people would like to get up close and personal, ... View More

Flying the Flag for Australia

onSeptember 16, 2013


A country’s flag is usually a proud symbol of their nation and some flags carry a lot of information about a country, it’s culture and its history.

The current Australian flag is based on the British blue ensign design. This is essentially a blue flag with a Union Flag in the top left-hand quarter. To this has been added a Commonwealth Star below the Union Flag while the right-hand side of the flag features ... View More

Secret Sydney

onSeptember 11, 2013


Sydney’s buzzy vibe is part of its charm and a lot of what sets it apart from Melbourne, but sometimes even the most energetic need to find a bit of breathing space, so here are some lesser-known options for those heading to the city.

Camperdown Cemetery

Although visiting a cemetery may seem an odd pursuit unless you know the dearly departed, Camperdown Cemetery can be either a history lesson or just a beauty spot, depending on your ... View More

Ned Kelly – Hero, Villain or Both?

onSeptember 2, 2013


Rather ironically Australia doesn’t really have all that many internationally-famous criminals, in fact Ned Kelly is about it. While Ned Kelly was indisputably a criminal in the eyes of the law, whether or not he should have been is still a hotly-debated one.

There is little doubt that the Ned Kelly, his brothers and their relatives became involved in crime from an early age, although there is an argument that there was a strong ... View More