Standing on shifting sands

onAugust 26, 2013


While real snow needs cold weather, if you live near a beach, as many Australians do, sand is available all year round. Australia therefore has become one of the world’s major destinations for sandboarding. The general idea is much the same as snowboarding, but participants need to remember that it’s much more difficult to install lifts on sand dunes than it is on snowy mountains, so generally, what goes down has to go up the ... View More

The Flying Postman

onAugust 18, 2013


While Australia’s flying doctors are known throughout the world, a lesser known Australian flying hero is the postman who delivers the mail on the world’s longest mail run. Starting in Port Augusta (South Australia), the route covers 2500km to end in Glengyle Station, Queensland. While seats on the mail plane itself are in high demand (particularly during the winter months), there are also unofficial tours in light aircraft, which cover much the same route. ... View More

Watching the sunrise over Uluru

onAugust 11, 2013


Like a glacier, most of Uluru lies beneath the surface, although in this case of the earth, rather than the water. Nonetheless, at 348 metres (at its tallest point), the rock is only 33 metres lower than the Empire State Building.

The area was originally settled by humans over 10,000 years ago and has immense spiritual significance for the Pitjantjatjara people. The surrounding area is known for ancient paintings and a key Dreamtime track ... View More

Seeing Australia in Miniature

onAugust 4, 2013


Visitors to Cockington Green Gardens in Canberra could be forgiven for thinking that they’d somehow stepped into Lilliput, but actually they’ve just stepped into a model village. In fact, they’ve stepped into a model village representing the best of the UK. Even people from the UK are likely to see models of areas they’ve never had time to visit themselves.

The display includes everything from cricket on the village green in the quaint town ... View More