Live History in Australia

onJuly 29, 2013


Many aboriginal communities continue to thrive in Australia, one of the most famous is that of the Yolngu people of Nyinyikay, in the Northern Territory, who carry on the way of life as they have done for centuries. A visit to Nyinyikay in the beautiful setting of Arnhern Bay is a chance to experience life at a slower pace, in a place where nature and the seasons take precedence over technology.

The community is ... View More

Let The Train Take The Strain In Australia

onJuly 21, 2013


Although Australia may be far more famous for beaches and planes than mountains and trains, the aptly-named scenic railway in the Blue Mountains is the steepest incline railway in the world at an angle of 52 degrees. Passengers descend 310 metres down a tunnel in the side of a cliff, before emerging into the heart of the Jamison Valley rainforest which they can admire from glass carriages. At the end of the line, passengers ... View More

Exercise with a view

onJuly 15, 2013


Australia is a country which is famous for sport. While it may have its biggest international reputation in the fields of summer sports, such as rugby and cricket and, of course, the famous Australian Rules Football, they also have plenty of options for winter sports enthusiasts.

Part of the reason why sports is so central to the Australian way of life is because of an overall interest in healthy living. This means that there are plenty ... View More

Plane speaking in Australia

onJuly 8, 2013


It’s an old joke that in Australia people take planes like the rest of the world takes buses and like many old jokes there’s an element of truth in it. Australia is vast, several other countries could fit into it quite easily. With such huge distances to travel, going by air has a number of advantages.


Nowhere is this more evident that in the famous outback, where many people look on flying planes in the same ... View More